Would you like to use the world’s most popular search engine as an effective marketing tool? With Google AdWords, you can reach your precise target group. There’s hardly a more targeted way to gain new customers.

Appear at the top of the search results and increase your profits

Shore can help you be the number one search result in Google. Start your Google campaign in just a few simple steps and benefit from the enormous media penetration and the countless number of users who search via Google every day. You will be better placed in the relevant search results, can reach new customer groups and ultimately increase your revenue.

Choose where you are found

With Google AdWords, you reach exactly who you want to. You define which search terms get you hits as well as when and where your ad appears. This allows you to precisely target your potential customers – people for whom your services are genuinely relevant and interesting.

The Shore software will help you find suitable search terms and also take on most of the other work for you, allowing you to create an ad in just a few clicks.

Only pay for what you get

The Google AdWords offer from Shore is not linked to any fixed rates. You only pay for the service you receive. There are no contractual conditions and you can decide yourself how much money you want to invest in prominent advertisements. If you’re on holiday or have to close your business for another reason, you can reduce your budget with a single click and prevent unnecessary ad placement.


Would you like to benefit from additional potential offered by digital solutions? Shore offers a wide range of extra features that can help you work more efficiently and more successfully so you can focus on what really matters – making your customers happy.

Customer Database

With the Shore Business App for iOS and Android

you can access Shore from any mobile device as well as from a computer. All your data is automatically synchronized. This gives you access to your entire business at any time, no matter where you are.

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