10 Tricks to Improve Employee Satisfaction


Factors and Tricks that will Impact on your Employee’s Satisfaction

If you are a small business who takes appointments, the reasons your business should offer online booking are numerous and one of them is employee satisfaction.

The happiness of your employees is affected by their sense of control over their lives. An online appointment system will give your employees more control over their schedules, work environment and work habits.

1. Your employees don’t have to be on the phone all day taking the appointments from customers. Your customers can make a reservation on their own.

Each call or email is a sales opportunity. If your business is B2C you need to make sure your employees don’t miss your inbound calls and answer emails in a timely manner. Having an online appointment system on your website is just like having a call center handling reservations 24/7. The result is that the amount of emails and calls will drop significantly, so your employees can dedicate time to concentrate on other tasks.

An online booking system also has its means because if a customer calls a tour or activity company for example and gets routed to voicemail, they may call back later, or they may call their second-choice. Having an online appointment booking system means you capture potential customers because reservations and information are always available.

2. Real-time availability – always accurate and up to date. It's easy for your employees to manage their calendar or work schedule.

Probably, the question you hear the most is - Are you availability on this date?. An online booking calendar will show your availability in real time, so it will always be accurate and up to date. This will have a positive impact on your day to day operations and make your employees happy.

Furthermore, you always know the status of your business, and your employees know their schedule which can be easily managed from a convenient location.

3. No need to confirm reservations or send reminders.

Your customers may forget what day they’ve make the reservation or other details about their booking. And your employees may also spend a lot of time sending confirmations, reminders, information, and directions to customers. One main benefit of utilising an online booking system is that it can send automatically your customers the confirmation and the details about their reservation.

Additionally, the booking system can send a reminder a few days before arrival to ensure they know what day they are coming and the address of the business. This is a simple process that is essential to your business productivity and takes away from your employees pressure and job stress.

4. Staff scheduling.

An online appointment system not only manages your customer bookings but it can manage your staff schedule too.

See how it is done for yourself: 

Shore: Online Booking System

Furthermore, online booking systems allow your employees to check their schedule and availability whenever and on any device. Keeping your employees happy and keeping the productivity high for your business.

5. You solve the issue of no-shows.

It can be strenuous for your business and your staff, when a customer that booked with you, doesn’t turn up, and doesn’t inform you. You lost the money and time and this usually means a total loss for your business. Plus, you probably missed the opportunity to book that slot to another customer.

always have a full calender, and no waitinig around for customers that never come

A booking system will give you the option to ask for a deposit, and get paid immediately using a payment gateway system. It’s easy for both you and your customer, and at the same time it ensures you don’t lose money when there is a no-show.

6. You always have all the required information about the customer.

If information is missing in a reservation (name, telephone, email, etc.), your employees may need to contact the customer again in order to gather the missing information. The booking system ensures that the customer provides all the necessary information and will always be accessible. Also all information is available quick and easy and these tasks can be completed with just one click.

7. You get paid quicker too.

Online booking systems require customers to prepay or pay the deposit for the reservations. This puts money into your account quicker, which means a better cashflow for your business.

8. You can effortlessly up-sell add-ons.

If you offer customers addons with the packages like body massage plus body oil or training plus tshirt, you can include options to these items in your online booking checkout. Customers can learn about everything you offer and take advantage of package pricing, without an employee having to do the up-sell over the phone or having to explain what the extras include.

9. You can maximize reservations.

Customers who book their own reservations are less likely to cancel their booking. If a customer does need to cancel, the slot automatically opens, giving another customer the chance to book it again. By maximizing your reservations, you won't leave unused slots for your employees schedule.



10. You get valuable insight about your business and employees.

Online booking systems provide you with an analytics dashboard that helps you to determine your most popular services. You'll be able to grow your business by taking advantage of the services or products that customers most booked, and you won't waste time on offerings that don't make money for your business. It’s only if you know how your business is doing that you can make the right decisions.

Another great insight that an online booking system will provide is to see various statistics about the business operations such as how your employees are doing compared to each other: for example, who has most available time and what employee creates most revenues. This can give you the opportunity to reward the employees that are performing well.


Online booking and customer appointment scheduling are key features you’ll need to take advantage of for your small business. This is another great example of how digital tools help self-employed professionals and small businesses make better use of their time and resources and keep their employees happier and satisfied.

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