Social Media Cheat Sheet - Creating the Perfect Social Post.

creating the perfect social media post for your brand and business

Social Media for Business

In this blog we are going to cover the top 5 social media platforms and how to write the best post to engage with your target audience. Below are a few of the main key points to look out for when writing your next social media post. 

  • Call-to-Action - These are used to instruct the audience what to do next. For example, you will often see on Social Pages a "call now" button. Instructing the user, to make a call immediatly following their interest of your business. 
  • Title – This should be the most convincing part of your post. It is the first thing your uses will see so it must be both interesting and intriguing so they will click to view more. 
  • Imagery - this is a must as you will see from the infographic below. Finding the right imagery to best reperesent your social post or business can be difficult. But it is well worth the extra time spent as your customers will be more engaged if they are interested by the teaser image. 

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Below is a great Infographic: Twitter Cheat Sheet from Enjoy! 

How-to-Create-the-Perfect-Social-Post for small businesses

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