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9 Signs you Should Invest in a CRM


With the expanding digital age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the leaders of the Industry.. If businesses are not investing in new technologies they will often find their operations more labor intensive but less fruitful than their advanced competitors. There are a few tech startups which are focused on smaller businesses. Shore is a leading provider focused on the smaller business needs and continues to develop tools to assist small businesses.

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Using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software is becoming an integral part to business. Here are my nine reasons to invest in a CRM today:


#1. Tracking Customer Interaction

Knowing what your customers are doing when checking out your website or company is a valuable source of information. Knowing what customers want from the service you are providing can be saved and accessed from all members of the team. For example, the Johnson family likes to sit at the round table, by the window and request still water to be already on the table prior to arrival. The management or waiting staff can add this to the customer information, so when they come into the restaurant the family will be instantly satisfied and impressed with your organisation.

#2. Customer Data (Most Valuable Asset)

You never know when a customer may need your services or require your assistance. It could be from the moment you first interact or a number of years later. Therefore, when keeping their data, you are able to backtrack on your communications and continue where you left off. In the ideal world it would be best to categorize all your customers in order, for example a: Customer's b: Lost Customer’s c. Prospects. Then when you become more familiar with the operating system, more categories can be added to help organize the CRM process. Time to finally give up the complex spread sheets or misplaced pieces of paper holding valuable information and trust in a CRM.

#3. Repeat Business from Existing Customers

A customer which was satisfied with your services is great, but even better is a customer that comes back for a repeat visit it is important to continue the communication with your customers either by SMS or EMAIL, so they feel valued and use your services in the future.

#4. Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

There are lots of different ways to promote your service, two of the most successful methods are Marketing and Promotions. It is a well known statistic that more people will chose to use a certain service based on a promotional offer or discount they received in their inbox. Giving out a good deal will entice customers to react on the campaign.

#5. Customer Feedback

It’s always nice to have good customer feedback; whether it be positive or negative. Positive and negative feedback are equally important to either learn from mistakes or build up on the current successful processes. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner and you're receiving a lot of complaints about a certain dish or table plan it will be time to make a change. If this information is not stored and addressed properly, you run the risk of easily forgetting or not making it aware to other employees.

#6. Data Capture: Anywhere, Anytime

Often you want to access data when you have free time, not just at work. Having all your information available in one place can be a real benefit when away from the office traveling. For example, if you’re taking a vacation and you want check in to see how your business is running without you there. No need to carry your calendar / diary with you everywhere you go because instead it can now all be accessed via smartphone or Ipad.

#7. Staff Rosters

Are you always printing new weekly rosters for your staff and creating endless amount of tables? Now this is all possible online; your staff can can easily go online and check their shift structure and request holidays. Exclusive to Shore to have all this in one place!

#8. Cancellation (Loss of Revenue)

t’s one of the biggest pet peeves of small business owners; when you're prepared for your customer, ie. you made some extra space in your calendar or simple filled an appointment slot and then your customer doesn’t show or they call so late that there is no way you can fill the gap unless you have a spontaneous walk-in at exactly the right time. It is easy to pass the blame directly on the customer, but in most cases they simply forget about the appointment they made with you. With a CRM you have the ability to remind customers of their appointment via SMS or EMAIL. Not only that, but if they really do have to cancel, this could be also done online, via the online booking system. Giving you the information needed in plenty of time to give you the opportunity to fill the slot much earlier.

#9. No Time

One of the biggest reasons businesses are switching to a CRM system is that they simply don’t have the time in the day to be answering calls and attending to customers. The result of not answering calls and attending customers are the loss of potential customers and revenue! It is time to end this problem and change! Invest in change and you’ll be rewarded.


In a Nutshell

It can be intimidating stepping out of your comfort zone and introducing a new process to your everyday business. Be brave and read the signs when it’s the right time to invest into a CRM. You will soon realise that this time is much closer than you think!

Remember: Stay informed by what your customers want and record the data, remind and optimise your customers on a regular basis to “keep them warm” and finally keep up to date with your business when you're not there. All by using cloud based CRM.

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What’s your reason to invest in CRM?

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