Digital Transformation: An Opportunity for the Mid-Sized Sectors


A competitive market

In many areas of business, competitive pressure is growing enormously. This is due not only to direct local competition, but also to those competitors that are steadily gaining attention via the Internet. Whereas until recently, international companies have been the ones most affected by this trend, it is now affecting mid-sized businesses more and more strongly. We want to show you how you can use this development as an opportunity for your company.

Digital transformation in business is increasingly moving to the forefront, and it is essential that smaller businesses and tradespeople also tackle this issue. Only in this way can you sustain your market position over the long term and intensify targeted customer loyalty. We will show you how you can accomplish this, even without having to invest a great deal of time and financial resources.

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Customer Retention and New Customer Acquisition Online

Whereas large firms have separate departments that are responsible for the digitalization of their operating areas, mid-sized businesses such as craftspeople or physicians can scarcely afford this luxury. These companies have to embark on the digital path on their own. Those who do not will be faced with losses over the short or long term – both in terms of new customer acquisition as well as customer retention.

The greater number of providers leads to a wider selection for (potential) customers and consequently more competition for businesses. Classical customer loyalty disappears. Digital transformation is therefore a matter of decisive importance for the future sustainability of a given business.

The Challenge of Digital Transformation

Whether you are a doctor, a craftsperson or a hairstylist, the situation is the same: if you rely solely on walk-in customers, you must be prepared for idle time in your day-to-day business. It goes without saying that this can lead to multiple financial problems. An entrepreneur who wants to retain his or her customers over the long term needs to be able to offer them appropriate services that keep pace with those offered by the competition – both online and offline.

Visibility in today’s digital world plays a decisive role here. It is nearly impossible for a business to achieve success without having its own website. And here lies the problem: many small and medium-sized businesses simply lack the technical expertise necessary to implement their own professional online presence.

Not only are digital solutions often complicated to use, they also require employees to spend a long period of time on training. In a small business, this is nearly impossible to fully realize in practice. Therefore, a good solution needs to be easy to use yet still provide comprehensive service, so that it is equally accessible to both customers and employees.

Your Chance to Increase Customer Loyalty

Does this mean nothing but problems? Not at all! Digital transformation offers businesses equally great opportunities.


Digital solutions can be used to optimize customer retention. For example, if you encourage your customer to give direct feedback, he or she will feel better understood; at the same time, you can optimize your services on the basis of these responses. Particularly in the trade sector, this process is playing an increasingly important role; nevertheless, many small businesses have scarcely taken advantage of it so far.

Thus, digital transformation in businesses can lead to a greater number of customers, as well as increasing their satisfaction with the services provided. Furthermore, modern technologies allow businesses to improve their own scheduling and time management and thereby reduce waiting times for their customers. As you can see, digital transformation in business provides a wide range of opportunities.

Building Your Online Presence

Heard it all before? Well act now and Optimize!

Digital transformation in business usually begins with building your own website. Not only does this need to have a modern design; it should also serve as point of contact for your customers.

Therefore it is essential to create communication channels through which your (potential) customers can make contact with your business quickly and conveniently. One example of this would be a contact form on your website that allows customers to ask questions and thereby make direct contact with you.

Along with your customers, it is important that you include your employees in your company’s digital transformation process. After all, only when all of your employees accept and understand the new technology can the advantages it provides be used to their fullest.

To Sum Up

Digital transformation in your business brings many advantages along with it. What is important here is to think with an eye to the future. Of course, familiarizing your employees with the changes will take some time; however, these investments pay off in the long run.

If your customers and employees are equally enthusiastic about the new technology, not only will the efficiency of your work increase, but customer and employee satisfaction will increase as well.

In addition to standard digitalization measures such as the creation of your own website mentioned above, it is important for you as a service provider to think ahead one step further. New software solutions such as online appointment scheduling or feedback functions provide you with the opportunity to stand out even from major competitors over the long term.

By entering into direct dialog and thereby placing the focus on your customers, they will not only take notice of your business once (as might be the case with a simple website visit); instead, you will create the potential for long-term business relationships. Thanks to the new software solutions, your services can be flexibly integrated into the increasingly stressful day-to-day life of our modern society. Try it out and decide for yourself which services might offer a good solution for your business – in order to create better working conditions for your customers and your employees and to increase your own productivity and capacity.

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