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Small Business Week - San Jose #DreamSmallBiz


Small Business – Huge Impact!

It’s that time of the year again! The Small Business Week in San Jose is ready to kick off on the 7th of May 2016. We are excited to see who has benefited from previous events and who will profit from the upcoming one. Small businesses sometimes lack knowledge on how to improve their success and the different processes behind it. This is exactly why it is such a great event to be a part of: Some business will finally be able to find answers to their questions, while exchanging ideas with other companies.

As this week is about small businesses and the impact they have on our economy, we would like to celebrate the innovation and energy which drives their success. Therefore, Shore dedicates this article to a handful of our awe-inspiring customers.

Top 5 Small Businesses to watch:

X Beauty Box

beauty box using Shore to manage their customers




Beatrix, the owner of ‘X Beauty Box’, previously worked in a newsstand, which seemed ideal to her, as the hours also allowed her to take care of her children. However, she found she missed the close contact to customers, as many of them only popped in at irregular intervals. She then had the opportunity to open her own beauty salon and was able to get some valuable advice on the matter from a friend who worked as a self-employed hairdresser.

Diethild Medina Yoga & Massage

Medina small business owner using Shore

Diethild had been working on a self-employed basis for years, when, after a personal revelation, she decided to branch out in a new direction. As a strong, one-woman enterprise, she set herself the task of helping her clients retain mobility through deep relaxation and precise exercises with the help of massages and her kundalini yoga courses.

Ice Aesthetic

iceaesthetic used shore to improve customer satisfaction

ICE AESTHETIC is the premium provider of cryolipolysis in Berlin and Brandenburg. Due to its quality and experience – the company carries out over 600 treatments per year – ICE AESTHETIC is one of the leading providers of cryolipolysis in Germany.

Hairdressing Salon QueerSchnitt

queerschnitt using the businesses management software

After many years of experience working as a hairdresser, Mat¬thias decided to go self-employed – that was ten years ago. On March 1st 2006, he opened his own hairdressing salon. In addition to being self-employed, Matthias also teaches the next generation of hairdressers.

Zahnkosmetik Rantzsch

Dentist using shore to improve their small business

Before going self-employed, Stephanie worked at a periodontal practice in Paderborn and was also a consultant for the Münster Dental Association. At the age of 42, she decided on a career change and retrained as a cosmetic dentist. This new life perspective led Stephanie to open the first cosmetic dental studio in Paderborn and take the big step of going self-employed.


Do the Unimaginable and Trust your Instincts

These are only a few of our customers at Shore, but without their courage and bravery to work hard and create something they believe in, they wouldn’t be on this article today, celebrating small business week with us! Share the love at #DreamSmallBiz

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