Google Analytics Series 5. How to Test Your New Ideas On Analytics

google analytics new demo account. Great for small businesses with no experience in analytics

Setting Up

Almost everyone who has tried analytics has at some point screwed up and wiped out a chunk of data, I once managed to wipe out a week's worth of data over our sites busiest time of the year. Learning from your mistakes is a superb way to improve but this sort of mistake can be very expensive and generate a lot of hard work - wouldn’t it be easier if there was another website you could test all your changes on first to see if it caused any problems?

Well step up Google who have opened up the Google merchandise store analytics profile for you to test all of your ideas on. It’s actually been available for quite a while but unless you know where to look it’s unlikely you will have heard of it. (Demo Account

All you need to do is:

You need to have already signed up for a Google account to get access and the account will just be added to your analytics profile like any other website:

using google analytics new demo account for small businesses with no experience in analytics

So go nuts! Try it out!

Here is some more useful links for you from Google:



Here at Shore we always want to show you new updates from Google Analytics and new ways of strategicaly working with this great analytics tool. If there is anything you would like to know about specifically. Please comment below, so we can fulfil your needs! 

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