Register your Business on Google My Business to Acquire New Customers

using google my business to best convey the message about your business to people search on google maps

Step by Step Guide for Setting up Google My Business

The acquisition of new customers on the Internet does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. By investing just a little bit of money and time, your business can be found by more (potential) customers on Google. Today we are going to show you how you can increases the chances of being found and contacted online in the future.

Registering with Google is the first step. In this guide you are going to quickly learn how to make an entry in the so called ‘Google My Business’ and which competitive advantages your positioning in Google search results offers.

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Step 1: One Google Account is All You Need

Let's begin

In order to be an active part of one of the largest business platforms, you need to acquire a Google Account. Are you not sure whether you already have an account or not? Do you use Gmail, YouTube or Google Drive? Then you already have a Google Account.

If you do not have a Google Account yet, you can easily create one here: Being part of this large community will not only enable you to use Google My Business, but also numerous other services, like the ones already mentioned above.

create a google account to start building your local seo

Step 2: Start your Google My Business Entry

After completing the first step and creating a Google Account or if you already had an account beforehand, go to this website

setting up google my business for your small enterprise

Click on the button ‘Sign in’ and choose one of the three business types. The option ‘Shop front’ is the most common one, whereas you can ignore ‘Brand’. Choose ‘Service area’ if you do not receive customers at your own business location – this is the case for delivery services for example.

select your small Business type

Step 3: Look for or Add Your Business

This is the exciting part! 

After you have chosen the business type, check if your business already exists in the Google database. Enter your business name and your location in the designated search field. In most cases there is already a Google entry, which has not yet been confirmed by the responsible person.

If there is already an entry, you can normally transfer it without any problems after a short verification (usually by phone). If your entry has already been verified, it is possible that a different Google user has already been active in the past. Think long and hard about who could have confirmed the entry. It could have been a former employee or a marketing agency. If possible, contact these people or if this is not possible, please contact Google Support:

If your company does not yet appear, click on ‘Add your business’.

get your business noticed on google maps

Step 4: Create Your Company Profile on Google My Business

Almost there

A new drop-down opens in the next step for you to enter your business details. It is important to enter your complete and correct data. Do not use abbreviations nor varied spelling. You should also avoid additional content for advertising purposes in the by-line. Otherwise you are not only in violation of Google’s guidelines, but this could also lead to a disadvantage for your business in the Google ranking.

If at this stage you are taking over an already existing entry, make sure that all pieces of information are entered correctly in Google My Business as described above.

be creative but factual when setting up your business in google maps

Step 5: Confirm Your Data

As soon as you have completed the entry of your business information, you have to confirm that you are authorized to manage this business. Usually this is verified by a postcard sent to your business address. If your business already existed, but the entry has not yet been verified, a verification by phone is also possible. In either case, you will receive a code, which you have to subsequently enter in your Google My Business Account. In the course of this, your entry will be verified and your business details will be published in all Google services. As of now, all of your customers can find your business on Google.

Step 6: Complete Your Profile

Check all the information you entered once more. It is also important to make sure your company is correctly displayed on Google Maps. Is your business location in the right position on the map? This will help customers find your business.

After thoroughly checking all the information, complete your profile so people can recognize your business across Google. You should also add as many informative facts as possible. This includes for example, pictures of your office, your shop, your opening hours and a direct link to your homepage.

Don’t spend too much time and energy writing an optimized company description. This is not displayed anywhere and does not have an impact on your search result position. It is more important to choose the appropriate business category. You can also choose more than one category in order to appear in the local search results if someone enters these keywords. However, please make sure you only do this if the categories really fit your offer.


The acquisition of new customers is no rocket science. You neither have to invest a lot of money nor possess great internal resources. In order to position yourself as a local service provider in your region and to be found by the right (potential) customers, it is sufficient to recognize the problems of your target group and to be actively present in the right media for a start. A professional website with convincing and personalized offers does the rest of the work. Good online presence supported by social media will not only make you more competitive in the long run, but also guarantee customer loyalty as well as customer satisfaction.

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