Laughter is Contagious: Use Humor to Stand Out From the Crowd


A cheeky giggle, never hurts!

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and in a world in which we're bombarded with adverts and marketing messages from every which way, this sentiment couldn't be more true. Nothing is more eye-catching than a brand that knows to have fun with its customers. It makes them relatable and certainly memorable, and for a small business with limited budget and resources, an injection of humor into their advertising ideas can help them to stand out from the crowd.

With this ethos in mind, we've pulled together five of our all-time favorite funny advertising campaigns. These are our personal favorites but there are plenty more out there - we'd love to hear yours so let us know in the comments the ads or campaigns which never fail to make you giggle!

1. Dove's Men + Care Shampoo


This ad immediately captures the attention of the viewer with a shot of a man with long, luscious locks, and keeps them engrossed as the gent realizes that his feminine allure is all down to his use of women's hair products. At the end, it finishes with a short and simple message - "Women's shampoo isn't made for you" - and a shot of the Dove for Men range of products.

It's funny, lighthearted and memorable - the type of ad you would always lift your head up for when it comes on television, no matter how many times you've seen it. And of course, the more it's viewed, the more the Dove Men + Care brand becomes lodged in your mind for the next time you're shopping for some ever-so-manly shampoo.

2. Mountain Dew's Kickstart PuppyMonkeyBaby


This ad opens with three guys are hanging out at home, clearly bored, when a puppy, monkey and baby hybrid enters with a bucket full of Mountain Dew Kickstart and a catchy chant of "Puppymonkeybaby". You're initial reaction when watching is 'how on earth does a puppymonkeybaby have anything to do with Mountain Dew?' Well, that's demonstrated at the end, when onscreen text reads "Three awesome things combined. Dew, juice, caffeine combined."

It all sort of makes sense, and it sure is memorable. You'll have the 'puppymonkeybaby' chant stuck in your head for days, and it's the type of ad you're almost guaranteed to chat with your friends and colleagues about when you next see them. Not to mention the #puppymonkeybaby screen at the end encouraging people to get talking about it on Twitter - even more exposure - and the range of puppymonkeybaby merchandise that the brand also created. A very silly, but insanely effective campaign from one of the US's most loved energy drink brands.

3. Budweiser's Frogs


This ad may have originally been released back in 1995, but it's still remembered to this day. So simple, but so effective - a few frogs croaking out 'Bud', 'Weis' and 'Er' until they get themselves in sync to reveal the brand's full name. Many alcohol ad campaigns focus on creating aspirational environments, like thriving parties or fun nights at the pub, but Budweiser bucked the trend and just let the frogs do all the talking, which showcased the brand's fun side. Let's also not forget about Bud's incredibly memorable 'Wassup' campaign, which became, and still remains, a catchphrase today. Who can resist a little 'Wassuuuuuuup!' when the Buds are out?

4. Specsavers' Should've


Glasses, eye tests and contact lenses - not the most thrilling range of products and services to advertise, right? Perhaps that's why Specsavers injected a little humor into their classic 'Should've gone to Specsavers' campaign. Now, these ads weren't funny enough to have you doubled over with laughter, but they certainly caused a giggle or two across the nation - particularly the one with the poor sheared sheepdog whose owner was in dire need of specs.

Best of all though, the catchphrase 'Should've gone to Specsavers' is now a classic, and one we regularly find ourselves repeating whenever someone does something daft as a result of their shortsightedness. Not only that, but Specsavers is definitely the brand that pops to mind first when we think about getting our eyes tested, which proves just how successful the campaign is.

5. Three's Dance Pony Dance


Who doesn't love to watch cute animals dance? That's probably what mobile network Three said to themselves when they created the #DancePonyDance campaign in which an adorable Shetland pony boogies to Fleetwood Mac's 'Everywhere'. Adults and kids alike are instantly mesmerized by this advert, and Three acknowledges our love of this type of really daft video with their onscreen text, "Silly stuff. It matters. Keep on internetting."

Like the Mountain Dew ad, they included a hashtag to keep the conversation going online, but above all else their simple but effective message tells us that their network is always on hand to help us reach the weirdest and most wonderful parts of the internet. Thanks, Three - you're doing God's work.

Key take away: use humor to create a brand we can fall in love with

All of the ads we listed above are from well-established brands with big advertising budgets, and for a small business these types of advertising methods may seem out of reach. However, the reality is that you can inject humor into your marketing strategies in a wide range of affordable ways.

Perhaps it's a funny blog post, social media updates crammed full of cringe-worthy puns, or short, sweet and hilarious animated video which has the power to go viral. No matter how you choose to do it, by showing off your funny side you'll quickly encourage people to recognize, relate to and fall in love with your brand. Get those creative advertising ideas flowing and just have fun with it!