Nail Salon: 4 Ways you're losing Customers because you’re Unorganised.

running a nail salon can be stressful especially when you lose customers, why is this happening? Be organized

Small Things

The opportunities to open a new business is becoming more and more available. which is great because they are the foundations of the economy! However, it does mean that there is a lot of competition! When running a nail salon you need to outbid the other salons in the customer auction by being on top of your game. In this article we will show you how it should be done. 

This may seem obvious, however, there is a lot of salons simply failing at the simplest tasks, which customers notice and as a result turn their backs to their service. Do you want to become one of these? If not, time to make a change for the better and start paying attention to the small things, as it’s the small things that the customer sees and appreciates.

Best way to do this, is to take a step back, have a treatment elsewhere and see how your competitors are doing it, better still, you will notice if there is anything you don’t like as a “customer”.

When a customer walks into your nail salon they want to feel like the most important person there, they want all the attention and enjoy a relaxing time at your studio. If they are very satisfied with your services you will automatically earn yourself a repeat customers. However, if these needs of the customer aren’t addressed properly they will not return or worst still, advise others not to use your services.

“Entrance and reception desk is cluttered and lacking organisation.”

No one wants to walk into a nail salon and see papers everywhere, scribbles of telephone numbers and names on loose pieces of paper. This gives the impression that the receptionist has no idea what is going on or who their customers are. Imagine walking into a clean and organized work space, where you are greeted personally by name and your appointment is selected straight away and your choice of welcome drink already being made.. Now, because it was much faster bringing up contact details and the appointment time you have more time to engage with your customer by asking more personal questions, getting to know to them better and ultimately making them feel more relaxed.

“Annoying telephone”

Don't even try to deny it!

Nothing worse than sitting back and relaxing, then the phone starts ringing constantly throughout your appointment. At first, it looks good that your business is popular, however, it is also very distracting and annoying when trying to hold a conversation with your beauty therapist. This can be easily avoided by moving your bookings online, or through an App. All appointments can be automated, this results in a lot fewer calls and thus a quieter nail salon. Be more organised by automating your booking processes online and maintaining the ambient atmosphere in the nail salon.

“Overestimating the time it takes per treatment”

As a business owner you want to make sure all your employees have a full calendar, maintaining a high level of foot traffic in the nail salon. However, often treatments with customers run longer than the desired time, leaving customers waiting for their appointments. Even if you have a walk-in you want treat the customer straight away to build customer acquisition, but at the same time you need to make sure you have enough time between appointments. If customers are told to wait they will often say “will come back later” but, realistically how often do they come back? This is difficult to be avoided, however with the right organisation and time management you will make sure you always have a possibility for a walk in, may it be an additional employee or a reduced cost for “first time booking”.

“Room for Mistakes”

When your unorganised you run the risk of making mistakes, whether it be calling a customer by the wrong name, overbooking, or simply being rushed and not completing the job in hand to the best of your ability. When your staff are rushed to finish with a customer quickly before attending another one, you run the risk that the customer is not receiving the best possible treatment, and will be unsatisfied with the servicing your providing.

Deep down you know its true. 

There you have it, 4 simple pitfalls of being unorganised and how it’s affecting your business and future acquisition with customers. With the problems of running a business, you have to keep in mind, the small things that customers want and expect of your business. Keep customers recommending your nail salon over your competition and give your customers some TLC.

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