Social Media isn't Complicated: Grow your Business Strategically


The When and Why Strategy

Now, we are all reading 1000s of blog posts about social media and the importance behind it. Why are people writing so much about it? They are purely writing down their own experiences or best practices for social media which is all good and well knowing what works and what doesn’t. However, after a survey which I conducted, it seems like businesses are fully aware of the benefits of social media, but don't entirely know the best social media channels to use. Look.

Let’s take a look at the chart below from showing the most used Channels for soical media.

social media chart for business strategy

The important thing to note when observing the chart is that, yes, there are 3 prominent channels being used. But this does not mean these 3 are the best channels for your business. It is important to overlook the most used social media channels used by other businesses but rather focus on the channels which best suites your business strategy.

The large majority of social media users for business are already using Facebook and Twitter, as these are the most common with the most users. Although, this is partially correct there are still many channels to best promote your business. For example, why would a hair salon concentrate on Twitter, when quite clearly their market would be best suited for Instagram / Pinterest or even Youtube?

Now, I believe this is the main problem. Plenty of businesses know they need to use it and how to use it but not necessarily where to use it and why to use it.

This leads me onto another concerning agenda: the “why” strategy. There must of course be a strategy behind your presence on social media. When you create a clear structure, you can analyze the data to your advantage. But, without knowing why you’re doing it (other than acquiring traffic) you will soon run into a dead end after wasting hours of your time.

So before addressing the need and how, you need to all take a step back and see where you should promote your business and why you should use social media. For this reason, the content team at Shore has created a short eBook for you to download and keep to one side when addressing the topic of social media.

This is where is get's interesting:

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Once knowing the right channels for your business, only then you can start promoting your business and start creating an idealistic picture for your potential customers.

So there you have it, it’s not complicated once you have a process put in place.

Build a strategy, get the results. Simple as that!

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