Summer Marketing Tips for Beauty Salons

summer marketing tips fir for your small business

Hot New Marketing Ideas for the Summer!

Since the 1920s, marketing is somewhat the same, with different people trading their goods and lower prices or offering deals to promote their business or market stall. Now in 2016, small business owners are using some of the same methods to achieve sales or loyal customers. However, even though one of the methods are similar, the overall marketing processes have changed enormously. We will show you all this in the article!

Businesses have had to evolve and adapt to new environments and customer expectations. For example, seasonal marketing for your beauty salon. Throughout the year, trends are released, moods change, styles become interchangeable and you must adapt in order to succeed in this highly competitive market. For now summer season promotions should be at the top of the list to expand your client base. Below are some excellent marketing tips that work this summer for beauty salons!

1. Add new summer themed products to your beauty salon.

Throughout the year, new styles are being customized, therefore you should think about adding some new summer themed products to your selection to offer a WOW factor this Summer to your customers. Offer them something new and different, bright colours and fancy accessories they can show off to their friends and family.

2. Pedicures to show off beautiful bare toes.

It’s summer and all you want to wear are shorts / dresses and sandals. Capitalize the importance of having beautiful toes with a special pedicure this summer. If the toes are on show, then let people know that they need some new beauty products to get that summer feeling!

3. Summer makeup selection including travel sized makeup products.

Summer is the biggest holiday season of the year, 1000s of people are heading to the beach or pool side to soak in the summer sun. However, the issue of how many liquids or cosmetics you're allowed to bring on the plane is always a headache. So, why not offer travel sized makeup products. This way they can continue to use your products all around the globe. On that note, waterproof eyeliner is a big winner!

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4. Make a killer referral scheme.

Beauty salon owners always say that “word of mouth” is their best kind of marketing, and the referral to a friend or family member is the best source for gaining new customers. You can quickly accelerate this by offering discounts to your clients for referring a friend. A clever trick could be to offer a reward at the end of the month like a kindle or ipod. For example, every time a client refers a new client their name is added into the prize draw. The prizes can then be announced at an end of season summer party or open house or even local news boards.

5. Extend special offers on the products everyone loves for Summer.

In your beauty salon you must have customer favourites or some products or services that are more popular than others. Make use of this and offer summer specials on bulk orders of this product. You will more likely sell out completely this way rather than any other way. Plus the interest you will receive for your beauty salon will pay for itself.

6. Ask in advance for your clients vacation dates, so you can plan around them.

This is a great marketing tip, if you have a regular client base or when customers see you on a weekly / monthly basis. Instead of waiting for them to book appointments this summer, ask them yourself when they have vacation dates so you can guarantee to “fit” them in before their vacation. This will both increase trust between the beauty therapist and the client, but also they’re more likely to spread the word about your flexibility and great beauty services.

7. Buddy with local businesses to promote each other's summer deals.

This is a fantastic tip, simply ask cafe owners, restaurants in your area for a collaboration to promote each other’s small businesses. This way you will build strong working relationships but also have the opportunity to reach new potential customers which you wouldn’t normally reach otherwise. This could involve printed discounted coupons left on the tables or by the cash desk. Or even better, if someone buys a coffee and cake they get 20% off a beauty treatment for example. This can easily be flipped for your beauty salon. Such as: for every face mask applied they get a 20% discount on lunch at the cafe or whoever you have partnered up with.

And that's not all of it! 

8. Use social media to expand your client base.. Post pictures.. A LOT of pictures!

Social media is a must throughout the year, but during the summer people are more focused on new trends and styles they want to show off to their friends and family. The best ways a beauty salon can use Facebook is as a visual medium. Your beauty salon should be showcasing the work they are most proud of. Whether it be beautiful summer themed styles or bridal party beauty treatments. Wishpond found that pictures engage more with customers than text only posts, infact 120% more. Social media is the perfect way to engage with your customers. Check out the free eBook below to learn more about the best 10 ways to engage with your customers through social media. As a beauty salon owner you must have a Where and Why strategy to avoid posting randomly. Read the eBook as a guide to know what the best social media strategy is for your beauty salon.

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9. Run competitions.

Everyone does this, why? Because it works! You may have to dig into the pockets for a suitable prize such as an ipod or kindle. If the prize is not worth winning, you will not get any interest and the competition will be pointless. For every treatment or product bought over a certain value, they are automatically added into the prize draw. This is a fantastic method of obtaining new contacts and customer details, which you can use later for email marketing.

10. Decorate the salon, get some summer window art.

Last but no means least, make your beauty salon stand out when people walk past it. Make it so that people will impulse drop in the salon to ask more about the promotion in the window. (read more about micro-moments) Make it summer themed, so people know that you are doing summer themed treatments and are different from other beauty salons.


Your beauty salon needs to make the most of the summer boom of beauty treatments, whether it be pre-holiday treatments or weddings, find a way that best suites your budget to promote your business. There are lots of great methods which you can use for low budgets like the 10 listed above. Whatever you do make sure you stand out from the competition this summer. Read more advice about marketing tips including social media marketing (best free marketing by downloading the eBook above!)