The 15 Misconceptions of Online Booking. Find yourself! #12 is great!

online booking misconceptions. What you don't understand about online booking tools, and how it can actually improve your business

Excuses = No results. We all know it!

Are you hiding behind any of the following excuses? If so, make no mistake: these misconceptions are costing your business money. We’re going to debunk a few of the common misconceptions about online booking systems in this article. No time to waste, lets get started! 

#1. I have someone who answers the phone

But are your employees able to have phone calls 24/7? Having an online booking system on your website is just like having a call center that handles reservations for you 24/7.

Also in this day and age, people are busy and is important for clients to be able to book an appointment from the comfort of their home after a long day at work. An online booking system will allow your business to obtain the appointments and meet the urgency of your customer requests.

#2. Our customers wouldn't book online or are too old

It's a familiar story and it goes like this: 

These days there is no shortage of technology designed for the older generation. You will be surprise at how the older generation is embracing the new technology, including browsing the internet or booking appointments or making reservations online. So why would you miss an opportunity in getting new business through an online booking system?

#3. We have a contact form

Customers don’t want to wait 24-­48 hours for an answer after they’ve fill out a booking or contact form. An online booking system will give your customers an instant answer and will allow your business to secure the reservation.

#4. It’s too much work to set up and manage

Choosing the right online booking and CRM system is important. Not all CRM’s are created the same and the right one depends on your business needs. Once you found the right online booking and CRM system for your business, it will not require a lot of work on your behalf. Plus, with the right assistance and customer service from the online booking system provider the integration process will be a lot easier. Also there are specially developed CRM’s and online booking systems for small businesses, that have the right features and functionality, which will help you run your business easier and smoother.

#5. I can’t afford the software

An online booking system will allow your business to save money and gain new customers and nurture current customers, it can be a great investment for your business. Also you can have different packages depending on your business needs.

Speak to a Shore representitive and find the best price package for you! 

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#6. I don’t need an online booking system, people won’t buy online

With so much competition today, it’s vital you leave no stone unturned. So why would you lose customers to your competitors online? Having an online presence is crucial and having added extras, like an online booking function, will give your business the additional advantage to your competitors.

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#7. Our employees can schedule their own appointments

Time management and customer service is very important when running a business. An online appointment system not only manages your customer bookings but it can manage your staff schedule too. Which will allow then your staff to focus on your customer and giving them the best customer experience.

#8. One appointment setting service is just as good as another

Like I mentioned in the above points, not all online and CRM systems are the same. Finding the right one for your business is crucial. Do your research before choosing an online appointment software, with the suitable features and functionalities for your business’s processes.

#9. Online booking results in more no-­shows

An online booking system will have the opposite effect on no­shows, because when a customer will make a reservation online the system will ask for a deposit, and you will get paid immediately. It’s easy for both you and your customer, and at the same time it ensures you don’t lose money when there is a no­show.

#10. Your current customers won’t like the change

True, people don’t like change. But your customer already do their banking, make their weekly food shopping online and book their holidays online too. Why wouldn't they want to book an appointment or reservation with your business? So booking your services online will not be a change, will only be an improvement.

#11. Operating costs will rise

One misconception of online booking system is that they're are very expensive and only for big companies.

#12. I will not be able to keep track of our booking

On the main functionality of online booking software is to keep track of bookings. An online booking calendar will show your availability in real time, so it will always be accurate and up to date. Furthermore, you always know the status of your business, and your employees know their schedule.


#13. I will not be able to give special discounts to our returning customer

Rewarding existing customers is a great way to ensure they come back and providing new customers with incentives will ensure your booking rates grow rapidly. With the right online booking system that has marketing tools integrated, you can offer the returning customer, special offers and discounts. You can run promotions for your customer and also create vouchers that can be redeemed online by your customers.

#14. Online booking is just for big companies

Like I mentioned in the above points, online booking and CRM systems are not just for big companies. If you are a self-employed or small business owner, you can now have access to an online booking system the same as the big companies. You can have great features and functionalities too, including integration with your website, a CRM system and even an app too.

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#15. An online booking system will not be able to handle the complexity of the booking

The good news is that online booking software has become very advanced, and can offer small businesses a lot of functionalities and features. You can have clients book with individual staff, and with different time amounts allocated for specific services the client desires. Clients will also receive an email and/ or SMS as confirmation with details about the reservation.


Embrace what an online booking and customer appointment scheduling software can do to your business, don’t fight it. Also an online booking system can be a key point of differentiation in competitive business environment.

Have any more misconceptions of online booking that you’d care to share with us? We welcome your comments and questions!