The Technology of 2016 - The Transition to "Mobile Friendly"

understanding the digital transition to moving your business to mobile friendly

Technology of 2016

In the digital world, “going mobile” is probably the most talked about topic on the web especially after the Google Ranking Mobile update in 2015. However, even though the Google roll out had a huge impact on the success of optimising your business for mobile. It is also the pure fact that the general population are now using mobile devices now more than ever in their daily life. We want to highlight for you the importance of why businesses should tranisition to being "mobile friendly". 

This movement, is only going to increase in the near future, therefore business owners are constantly finding new ways to turn their business more mobile to make it easier for their customers to interact.

But, what does it all mean and is it really as important as everyone says it is?

History Overview

On April 21st 2016 Google rolled out the Mobile-friendly algorithm which was soon nicknamed the mobilgeddon. Which basically meant that the algorithm was designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. (So if you didn’t have a mobile friendly website, your rankings in search likely dropped.) This impact, made more and more businesses go full steam ahead on making their websites mobile friendly to regain lost customers in the update. See for yourself right now, if your website is Mobile friendly, with the mobile-friendly-test.

On May 12th 2015, Google then rolled out the Mobile-friendly algorithm boost update, which was supposedly made to give an additional boost in mobile search ranks for mobile-friendly websites. However, if your business was already mobile friendly before this update, there would be no impact for you regarding this update. With that being said, you can really see the importance of creating a responsive, mobile friendly website to increase your chances of ranking well in the search engines and converting new customers.

You've heard this a million times, but this next step you need to listen up:

Present Overview

With mobilgeddon in mind, it is time to make your business mobile to become available to your customers who are browsing from their mobile devices (incl. Tablets, smartphones). Read more about why you business should go mobile by reading the eBook below.

transition to a mobile business

You will see from the information provided the relevance of the transition for your company. Just remember, you are not completely switching your business for a mobile device you are simply just opening the doors for mobile browsers to your website. There is no simpler way to say it, rather than building a website and then optimizing it, it would be best to hit the ground running by working to start with a mobile friendly website to begin with. This is something Shore offers as part of our services, so keep this at the back of your mind when wanting to upgrade from your current situation if your haven’t already done so. (Product Page).

Future Predictions

If the current mobile trend continues like it is, we will no doubt see that a huge majority of browsing will be done only through mobile devices. In order for you (your business) to progress and grow in the future, is to optimize now and make your business mobile so that your customers can still have access to your business wherever and whenever they are browsing from.

If that’s not enough to, listen to the experts! Slides from We picked our favourites for you! 

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