The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

How to be a power user of twitter for your small business

Twitter for Business

Since Twitter was founded on March 21st 2006, it has been a massive hit for Social Media Communications especially for businesses. Below are listed the most beneficial factors of using Twitter for your small business.

  • Brand Awareness - If you’re active on twitter, you will get noticed. Clear and simple. However, using the right hashtags or frequency of posts are essential, especially when learning about your target audience.
  • Staying Up-to-date – There is no better place to learn what the current trends of your industry are. You are reminded daily from other Twitter uses what the most trending or “next big thing” is going to be.
  • Promotion – This is by far the most used tactic for anything to do with Digital Marketing. Hundreds of thousands of Blog articles, videos and slideshows are posted daily. All of which you can get your hands on within a matter of seconds. Regarding it is trending and promoted by influences across the globe.
  • Website Traffic – Yes. You are doing social media, but at the end of the day, you want to push visitors to come to your website. Using twitter will both, boost your SEO and drive website traffic.
  • Feedback – People are more likely to read and comment on a twitter post after reading your blog, than writing directly in the comments bar. When someone leaves good feedback on your Twitter feed, you will most definitely get more visitors to your website.

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helping smsall businesses using twitter as their social media

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