The 'WHY' and the 'HOW' of Saying Thank You to Your Customers


Saying Goodbye to 2016

As the end of the year draws to a close, it's a good time to take stock and spare a thought for those who have supported your business over the past 12 months. With Christmas almost upon us, you have a chance to offer a festive greeting and show gratitude for their business.

Taking the time and effort to express heartfelt thanks to customers over the festive period is an invaluable strategy to keep them hooked on your brand for the next year ahead and beyond. They'll truly appreciate the gesture and favor your brand over others who failed to bother.

Deciding how to thank customers can prove perplexing for any business owner, but here are some winning festive ideas that they'll appreciate.

Chocolates or other goodies

Who doesn't like sweet treats at this time of year? If you're looking for an all-round crowd pleaser, sending chocolates or other goodies to customers wins the seal of approval every time.

Christmas newsletter

Express your gratitude to customers in a Christmas newsletter. A newsletter at this time of year is also a great opportunity to tell customers interesting news and information, which will make them feel involved in your brand. Within the Shore software, you are easily able to use this newsletter function to create and send personalized newsletters to your customers. Click on the images below to find out more. 

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Send a card

A simple thank you Christmas card will be much appreciated by customers and it will ensure your brand name remains firmly fixed in their minds.


Everyone likes a freebie, so think about what you could offer your customers that they would value. Segregate customers based on factors such as age, gender or preferences and choose freebies that you think would suit them most.

Open house/taster session

Invite valued customers to an open house or taster session where they can sample a selection of your products. This can make customers feel like they're exclusive and important, further cementing their loyalty to your brand.

Text message

You don't have to spend a fortune to show your gratitude, especially if your budget is tight or you're a fledging business with limited cash or resources. A simple text message to say thank you can have a powerful effect, so don't underestimate this gesture.

Thankyou message on social video

Social video marketing is gaining traction, and a thankyou message in this format can attract attention and interest from your customers. Importantly, it can feel like the message has a very personalized approach, which will make your customers feel even more valued.

Take away

Since Christmas is the season to be cheerful and thankful, no matter what the nature or size of your operation, your customers will truly appreciate receiving gratitude from you, however you do it. Whether you send a card or a gift, any gesture will be valued, and can go a long way to establishing loyalty to your brand. Bear in mind that Christmas shouldn't be the only time of year you shower thanks on your customers; if you want to win them over for the long-term, remind them throughout the year how grateful you are for their business.