How are Micro-Moments used for New Customer Acquisition?

using micro moments for customer acqusition

A Familiar Scenario

You’re out and about, when all of a sudden you realize that you ran out of some of the groceries you need for dinner. So where is the closest supermarket? No problem, you quickly take out your smartphone and google for the shops nearby. Time to learn micro-moments, and what inpulses you should target. 

There are countless other examples of this type of situation: where is the nearest cashpoint? What should I pay attention to when trying to decorate my apartment? How can I get from A to B as fast as possible? Whereas in the past you had to ask your way, today it is sufficient to have a look at your smartphone and get all the information required to make a decision.

Examples like this illustrate the advantages of digitalization for you as a private consumer. But it doesn't stop there.

Let me show you how you can use this trend to boost your business and customer satisfaction too. In particular, let me introduce you to the concept of so-called micro-moments: short decision-making moments that will help you with new customer acquisition.

How You Can Use the Decision-making Moments of Your Customers

Google defined the previously mentioned scenarios as micro-moments: Tiny moments when you need immediate and specific information that have an impact on your decision-making and preference-shaping process.

Nowadays, mobile devices allow us to act to this need anytime, anywhere. How many times did you stand in front of a shop to compare the prices online on your smartphone or to search for the test scores of a specific product?


For stationary retailers / stationary traders, this may seem to be a nightmare scenario, However, at the same time this offers various oppertunities. Because it is exactly in these moments that users are open to suggestions. They are potential customers in need of assistance. Use these moments to acquire new customers and draw the attention to your business.

Four Moments for Success

Google defines four different micro-moments that can help you acquire new customers and use the customer behavior to your own advantage. The four decision-making moments are based on different purchasing-stages of your (potential) customers:

1. I-want-to-know moments

Potential customers wants to inform themselves e.g. about a product without having a direct impulse to buy.  They are looking for information and inspiration. At this point, it is important to provide this information to the customers without annoying them with direct advertising.

2. I-want-to-go moments

The best-known moments are most probably the I-want-to-go moments. The potential customer has an impulse to buy. He or she  already knows quite exactly what would like to buy, but needs information about local retailers and stores. This is a touch point between the digital and physical world. A strategy to address these customers is sending them controlled messages on social media to get in touch with potential local customers.

3. I want-to-do moments

The moments when the potential customer has a direct intention to act. E.g., Sarah wants to winterize her garden. For this purpose, the customer needs practical information such as instructions that will help him or her. These moments often take place before and after the purchase.

4. I want-to-buy moments

From a commercial point of view these moments are probably the most important ones: the potential customers already have a buying intention. Usually they need help to decide what to buy where and when.

These are moments such as the classical price comparison. It is important to be visible exactly in this moment, so that the customers can choose your business.

Surely, all of these four moments will look familiar to you, no matter whether you know the situation from your own everyday life or from observations of the customer behavior. But what does that mean for your day-to-day business? For a start: be prepared!

Not quite there yet. 

Optimize Your Online Presence for Mobile

As mentioned before, smartphones are a crucial point for the development of micro-moments. Consistently, your online exposure should be mobile-ready. The potential customer has to find what he or she is looking for quite quickly. A clear structure and a simple, intuitive design are therefore a must-have. The same applies to contents: short, concise texts, that are highly informative, help the reader get an overview. Optimize the load time of your mobile website.

“40% of customers immediately leave a website that doesn’t load within 3 seconds.“

For more practical tips on how to optimize your online exposure (event without technical knowledge) please click here.

Involve Your Social Networks

Here we go.

Studies show that more than 50% of Facebook users use the social network on mobile. Other providers such as YouTube or Instagram produce similar and, in part, even higher figures.

This development shows that in order to use micro-moments to one's advantage you have to be present in Social Networks. In case you didn’t do that so far, take care of your online exposure on social media. Regular maintenance and informative contents are just as important as contact details and consistent appearance / visual effect / look.

Improve Your Visibility

No matter whether you have the I want-to-know or the I want-to-buy moment, potential customers need relevant information in no time. This also means that the customer won’t click through several pages of search results.

70% of users pick a result from the first page. Therefore, define the topics that are relevant for your products to increase their exposure by search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, make sure to have your business included in the most important web mapping services (Google Maps, Yelp, etc.) so that customers can find you.

Over 70% of users only look through the first page of their search results to find relevant solutions to their problems.

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In Short

Google‘s micro-moments are more than only the next online trend. They are the answer to the altered purchasing behavior of your customers and, with the increasing use of mobile devices, they will gain more and more importance. Therefore, they should be perceived as opportunities that allow getting in touch with potential customers already during the decision-making process and being on hand with help and advice.

Who proves successful during decision-making moments (micro-moments), will enjoy the customer’s trust for future purchasing impulses as well.

Look out for some more digital marketing tips! We will keep you up to date!