At-a-glance client management and easy appointment scheduling with Shore’s software for personal trainers

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Simple customer management

Manage and view all important customer information 24/7 on a central platform

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Effective marketing

Create professional newsletters and place successful online ads

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Digital appointment and course management

Offer online booking and simplify your appointment scheduling

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Automated reminders

Remind your clients of upcoming sessions and prevent no-shows

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Do you want to manage your clients and appointments efficiently, and offer online booking?

Shore offers you the perfect all-in-one software which includes tools for efficient appointment, customer relationship management and an at-a-glance customer database.

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Client database

Easily manage your client relations

Shore’s software for personal trainers provides you with a digital system to manage your clients easily and effectively. The software is easy to use. Create client profiles featuring the most important data with just a few clicks. On top of that, you can even categorize your clients into groups like “Strength Training” or “Cardio”, and assign specific attributes to them.

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"I just love the feature that lets you send newsletters to exactly the people you want. Not having to put together all the different recipient groups is a huge time-saver!"

Ralf Ulbig, Fongs Kung Fu School

Ralf Ulbig, Fongs Kung Fu School

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screen Newsletters & Google Ads
Newsletters & Google Ads

Boost your marketing success

Shore’s newsletter feature allows you to target specific clients. Why not use it to inform them about new training methods or promote new offers? Google Ads lets you advertise your business on the world's most important search engine. You decide where and under which search words you want people to find you.

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Appointment and course scheduling

Optimize your appointment scheduling and booking availability

With Shore, your clients will be able to book their training sessions via your website or Facebook page - whenever and wherever they want. And you won't ever miss an appointment request again. Shore's online booking not only offers an exclusive service, but it allows you to maximize your time.

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screen Appointment and course scheduling
screen Appointment reminders
Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows by up to 50%

Shore not only optimizes your appointment scheduling. It can also help you cut your no-show rate in half. By sending automated reminders via email or text message to your clients, the software makes sure they don't forget about their appointment. And you can even decide when you want your reminders to be sent out. And how about this: One less missed appointment each month, and you've already got your Shore software paid for.

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