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The Reliable, Mobile iPad POS System with multitasking talent

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Digital accounting
  • Intelligent inventory management
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Accept payments, automate your accounting, and keep track of all transactions

Intuitive iPad POS system

All common payment methods

Full control over sales and inventory

No high acquisition costs

Our POS system does everything you need

Extensive payment options

Accept any payment method, including cash, credit, debit, or gift cards.

Compliant with fiscal regulations

Our POS system complies with fiscal regulations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Digital receipts

Conveniently send invoices and receipts by email or QR code.

Automated accounting

Benefit from a digital cash book with automatic data backup in the cloud.

Live reporting

Keep track of your sales and employee performance with powerful reports.

DATEV interface

Conveniently export data for your tax return.

Cancellations and refunds

Perform returns and issue refunds easily and efficiently.

Intelligent inventory management

Easily enter incoming products into your system and keep track of your stock.


Payment is easier, faster and more reliable

The iPad lets you stay in motion. Accept payments wherever you want. Keeping track of your inventory, settling payments for the day and giving refunds are a breeze. And because payments are digital, they’re always automatically saved and conveniently prepared for DATEV export for your tax return.


Digital, easy management of your product inventory

Handling inventory made easy: Import what you’ve got in stock with Excel, and use the iPad camera or scanner to enter incoming products. Your inventory is automatically updated when something is sold. Never lose sight of what you’ve got in stock, and always know when it’s time to re-order.


Give your customers a full payment selection

Our POS system lets your customers pay in all kinds of ways, whether it’s cash, debit, credit, gift card or put on their account. Print their receipt out for them, or send it via email or QR code to their smartphone. You’ll cut costs, take care of the legal requirement in Germany to provide a receipt, and might even save a tree or two.


All your sales at a glance

Shore’s POS systems lets you follow your sales in real time and during specific phases of the business day you want to keep a close eye on. Select from a number of analysis options to optimize your business. Find out which products or services your customers buy the most, and what items they typically return. Shore’s practical filter feature also lets you see how your staff members are individually performing. Want your reports exported as an Excel file? That’s a breeze with Shore.


Stylish hardware for everything you need

We also deliver the right hardware along with our POS software. You can be sure it’s in accordance with all of Germany’s electronic documentation, accounting storage, and data access laws and regulations. We’re here to help. Simply let us know what you need.

  • Modern Design
  • Optimized readability
  • Maximum security
  • Available in two colors
  • User-defined angle of use
  • Additional components available

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Retail Feature

SSL encrypted

Top-notch data privacy standards and an SSL encryption protect your information from unauthorized access.

ISO-certified server

Our servers and databases are ISO certified and housed in Germany.

Daily data backup

Daily backup of data and redundant storage at different sites.