Add a Face to Your Customers


Greet your customers personally

As of now you can upload pictures to your customer profiles with your iOS and Android smartphone. By uploading pictures you add a face to all your customers, which will help you quickly see which customers have an appointment with you on a given day with the display of their profile pictures. This allows you to recognise and remember all of your customers and make it easier for you to greet them personally with their name when they enter your store or office. Your customers will surely love the extra recognition. 


Fast and Easy Picture Upload

The selection of a profile picture is just as easy as taking one! Simply click in the customer's profile on the icon "Add photo" and chose a picture from your library or take a new one directly. You can adjust the seleted picture as you wish. Once you are satisfied with the picture click on "crop" in order to save the adjustmens and the picture to the profile. The selected picture will now be displayed in the customer profile. 

Release Info

This feature is available for all iOS and Android users. If you haven't installed the App on your smartphone you can download it now by simply clicking here to download for iOS and here for Android .