Simple & Structured Employee Management


All Employee Data in One Place

With this release we would like to give you the ability to manage your employees. Until now you could add employees only as a resource in order to make them bookable online and have all the specific appointment for the employees shown in the Shore calendar. With this release you can now make entire employee profiles. Now, you can keep all relevant employee data and information in one place. You can not only manage your customer data, but now also the data of your employees to ensure the best organizational structure.

One Central Management Platform for Employees

All information about your employees can be found and edited under the tab “Staff” under your name at the top right of the homepage of the software.


Go a Step Further than Your Competitors

See a summary of all the information in the new employee profiles and make all the necessary adjustments in one centralized view. Publish pictures of your employees directly in the booking mask in order to make the appointment booking process more personal and a one of a kind experience.


Feature Installment

The function is added to your Shore software automatically. All data that has come through the software, such as the bookable times of your employees are implemented automatically. All you need to do is add the relevant information that you find important, in the various employee profiles.

Relase Info

This release will be available soon for all of your customers. We are still in the intense testing stage in order to promise a smooth implementation.