Provide Online Payment Function


More Payment Options for Your Customers

Take the digitalisation of your business to the next level. With the development of the online payment option, your customers can pay for the service via credit card during the online booking process or on site .


Avoid Payment Defaults

Through the online payment function you can make sure that payment defaults do not occur. For example, your can add a reservation fee that your customers pay online when booking an appointment that will get deducted from the payment on site after the service has been given. This way, the number of no shows will decrease immensely. 

More Revenue from Cash-Free Payment Options

Because your customers now have the oppertunity to pay by card in your shop, they are more likely to purchase items or services spontaneously as they are not bound to a cash budget. This way you can increase the revenue of products you may sell such as shampoo, nail care items, or fitness equipments.

Highest Safety Standards

We work closely together with Stripe for this new payment function. We provide the highest safety standards and do not save any of your customer payment information.

Shore Tip:You haven't booked the online payment function to your account. Just contact your customer support here. We are happy to help!

Release Info

You can add the online payment option as of now. Just contact the customer support under the number: 424 342 8890. We will be providing more payment options in the near future. As soon as there is a new update you will be informed via this blog.