Looking back at 2016: 3 milestones and why our customers are our top priority

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Improvements to our all-in-one software in 2016

Did you have an eventful year? Were you confronted with increasing demands and growing competition? Our mission is to support you on this difficult road and simplify your work with our software.

2016 was a busy year for us and we would like to share some of our biggest achievements with you, highlighting the most important developments to our software.

Simplified online booking - for you and your customers

Thanks to our completely revised and streamlined booking process, your customers can now book their appointments faster and in fewer steps. More customers using the online booking feature that means less administrative work for you!

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What we improved:  

  • Fewer steps to complete a booking
  • Public customer feedback can be displayed to build trust
  • A more streamlined booking process for smartphones
  • Social media profile links can be integrated to provide additional information
  • Pictures of your business can be added to improve your online presence
  • Customers can choose which employee they would prefer for their appointment

Customizable and personalizable newsletters – stay engaged with your customers

We have completely revamped our newsletter feature to offer you a better platform for keeping your customers up-to-date regarding new offers and information.

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What we changed: 

  • Larger images can be integrated for a more personalized customer approach 
  • A booking button is now integrated by default
  • All emails have been optimized for mobile usage to ensure they can be read comfortably via smartphone or tablet


Shore Tip:

Did you know that businesses which send regular newsletters see an average of 20% more bookings? Try it for yourself!

Comprehensive customer profiles - information at your fingertips

Another big change in 2016 was the introduction of comprehensive customer profiles for compiling all relevant information about your customers.

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What you can track:

  • Personal preferences and notes about your customers
  • Customer feedback
  • All past and future appointments
  • Add images to improve your customer service – e.g. a photo of their last haircut

Other new products & features

We made plenty of other improvements and enhancements along the way, such as:

  • A new payment feature that allows customers to pay by credit card directly when booking online (optional feature)
  • A new Video Academy where you can find helpful videos on using Shore
  • Completely revised iPhone, iPad and Android apps – including new calendar and appointment views, new customer profiles and messenger features
  • Improvements to our shift plan
  • Enhancements to the messenger feature to help you stay in touch with customers & employees
  • Integration of a personnel management feature and employee profiles

Your success and satisfaction remain our motivation as we head into the new year. Your success stories give meaning to our daily work. Thank you for sharing them with us!

I was amazed; I finally found a software that could really work for our salon! - Judi Wyant, Manager William Collier Design, Seattle


I love SHORE’s simple design. It automatically leads my clients through the booking process. I get so excited whenever I get a new appointment via the online booking function. It’s fantastic! - Verena Haunschmid, Der Ruheraum, Vienna

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We wish you a successful start to the new year and look forward to your feedback and suggestions!