Grow your Social Media Community During The Online Booking Process


Being More Easily Found on The Internet

The presence and the maintenance of your social media channels such as Facebook Twitter, or Instagram is an essential factor that plays a role in the way people view your company. With this release we give you the possibility to link your social media sites directly in the booking process.


Increase Your Booking Rates

Maybe you run a restaurant and a potential customer would like to book a table. Before the potential customer makes the final step, he might want to take a look at the current menu. Through your linked Social Media channels, he or she can directly see the week’s menu or pictures of the restaurant on your pages. This could be the last push this potential customer needed in order to place the booking. Or maybe you run a fitness studio. Through your linked Social Media pages, the potential customers can check out the courses that are currently offered! The possibilities are endless.



Build Up Your Social Media Community

Through the integration of the Social Media icons in the booking process you can persuade potential and existing customers to like your profile pages, or follow you on Instagram or twitter, or even to subscribe to your newsletter. This will enable you to build up a strong Social Media presence and community in order to make one time customers to regulars.

Shore Tip:If you would like to create and send a Newsletter click here in order to get a step by step tutorial

Simple Integration on Your Website

The icons are shown automatically as soon as you implement the links in the specified fields in your company data.

In order to do this simply click on the navigation bar under partner networks and then on the profile data tab. In the profile data section, you can then fill out the specified fields and then save the information.

Release Info

This feature is available since the 26th of June 2016 for Shore customers. The icons are shown even when booking via smartphone, tablet, or computer in great quality.