Do you wish you had more time for your customers and your core services?
That is exactly what Shore Run does!
Digitalization solutions for more efficiency, more satisfied customers and, effectively, more income.

Always stay on top of your appointments

Say goodbye to annoying paperwork and manage all your customer appointments using the Shore online calendar. Create, reschedule and cancel appointments quickly and intuitively at the click of a button, and always stay on top of your workload.

Add the corresponding duration to each of the services you offer. The system will automatically take the required time into account when appointments are booked. This allows you to prevent overlapping appointments, avoid unnecessary downtimes and make efficient use of your capacity.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Provide better customer service with online booking

Provide your customers with the convenient option of booking their next appointment via your website. They can choose the service, staff member and time slot based on your availability.

Use Facebook as an additional booking channel

Turn your fans into customers by offering online booking on your Facebook page. It’s simple to implement and will provide additional revenue opportunities.

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Reduce no-shows

Automatic reminder service

Our automatic text and e-mail appointment reminders ensure that your customers don’t forget their appointments. This helps you reduce the number no-shows and also increase your revenue.

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Concrete feedback for improved service

Ask your customers for feedback via an automated e-mail. Their comments will help you provide an even better service.

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Stay on top of everything, no matter where you are

Remain in control of your business

Keep in touch with your customers at all times and improve your business management via the cloud – no matter where you are or what device you’re using. We can also provide you with a customer management system that is optimized for all mobile end devices.

Know more about your customers

Customer data is automatically synchronized and processed within your system. All relevant information is saved in a personal profile. This includes appointment history, interests, notes and customer feedback.

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Optimize your internal processes

An overview of all working hours

Do away with complicated, hand-written lists. With a digital shift plan, you can stay on top of your staff’s working hours.

Optimized teamwork

Get your staff members involved in creating the shift plans. With Shore Team, your staff can enter their own availability and absences. The messenger function can also help to plan and decide things quickly with the rest of the team.

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With the Shore Business App for iOS and Android

you can access Shore from any mobile device as well as from a computer. All your data is automatically synchronized. This gives you access to your entire business at any time, no matter where you are.

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