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Digitalization can’t be stopped. It increasingly affects different aspects of our lives. In economy it is no longer only the leading companies which go for it. It becomes increasingly important for smaller local service providers, too. Shore was created to support this target group in making full use of the potential offered by digitalization – with easy, efficient and cost-effective solutions. 

Founded in Munich in 2012, Shore has experienced a rapid expansion. Only four years later the company employs over 200 people, is now present in 10 European countries and in 2015 opened the first America office in Los Angeles. 

Today more than 9,000 service providers choose the Shore Software Solutions.

The company’s success is based on many different factors: a great team of developers that programmes the best possible software. A customer service that supports the service provider on his journey to digitalization from the first day, with a deep understanding of his needs. A corporate philosophy that focuses on the simplicity of the use and the service provider’s needs. A product so easy to use that no technical knowledge is required. And staff members, who continue this success story with all their passion and competence.

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Our customers have one personal contact person and won’t end up in an anonymous call center with their questions. We accompany them on their way to digitalization and attach importance on a professional and especially pro-active support.




Our products offer the perfect solution for almost all the needs of local service providers and help them achieve their goals. From online booking to customer management, marketing, online presence, even a cloud-based payment solution. With Shore they are prepared for digitalization. 



 Customer Satisfaction

Investing in Shore instant rewards for our customers. The reminder function for example significantly reduces no-shows by sending automated messages before each appointment.



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Hours of Programming Since 2013

Our software department consists of excellent developers, who are constantly striving to improve our Business Solutions. We value our customers’ feedback highly and focus development on making their businesses more successful. 

65,000+ users already benefit with Shore

At more than 9,000 locations worldwide. Shore ensures both the growth of Local Buisnesses and supports them managing efficiently their everyday life.





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