Customer Management 

Learn how to quickly adapt the process of storing customer information. Once withholding this customer data you have much more control on predicting their purchasing funnel. Store information from customer feedback, booking history and contact infomation. 

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Effective and Efficient Customer Management 

Shore CRM manages customer data and becomes a powerful and intuitive tool. Customer data is automatically saved and is instantly available on your interface. In addition, our platform allows you to group or sort customers based on shared attributes, behavior, or notes and appointments.

A search function helps you find them quickly whenever their needed. Armed with this data, you'll be able to use tools that reach out to your customers and establish solid client-vendor relationships.


Successful Marketing to Increase Revenue

Shore CRM allows you to accomplish marketing and increase your revenue easily and without spending too much time. You can address your customers through personalised messages or send them newsletters via SMS or E-mail.

This way you can inform them about offers, discounts / coupons or send an informative newsletter. Thanks to the possibility to organize customers into groups, you can address them specifically based on their needs. Thus you increase your business traffic and build closer relationships with your customers.

Manage Employees and Locations

Shore CRM is an invaluable tool for business owners with multiple locations. We know how important it is to maintain oversight of your business. Our platform offers you the ability to manage your multiple locations and employees with an easy-to-use interface.

This way, not only can you oversee all of your customers' appointments, but your employees' tasks, too. Additionally, you can assign your employees' user rights to properly control and allocate their workload.


Stats & Analysis

Would you like to know which services are most appreciated by your customers or which offers are less popular? Shore CRM gives you swift and straight-forward statistical tools where you can analyse the best performing products and services and determine your business KPIs.

With statistical data, you can find out your customers' preferences and you can adjust your offers or increase the demand of select services with targeted marketing.

NEW: Generate Your Duty Rosters in no Time

Use Shore to generate digital duty rosters! Enhance your employees' satisfaction and forget about manual timesheets and wasteful bits of paper everywhere.

Only a few clicks will suffice to allocate your employees, staff your shifts, and keep track of them at all times. What is more: you are completely relieved from vacation and absence planning.

Print, save, and send your duty rosters anytime, from anywhere around the world.


Want to know more? Here is an overview of all the features.

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