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Shore offers an Online Appointment Booking tool, a simple Customer Relationship Management system, a modern website, increased online visibility, and enhanced marketing features.

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crm.svgCustomer Management
Customer Relationship Management

Shore CRM allows you to manage and build your customer relationships quickly and easily. Increase your revenue with different marketing features such as newsletters, customer feedback, and SMS appointment reminders.



With Shore CRM, you control your customer's profile. You can add notes, group customers based on common attributes and customise your marketing campaign. In your statistics you have revenue, bookings and appointments of your customers.


With Shore CRM you can personalise and send newsletters, offers, and discounts to your customers. You can put a personal touch to all of your ads and increase the open-rate of your marketing campaigns.


With Shore CRM you can invite your customers by email to provide feedback. Timely automatic emails after each appointment help you better understand how satisfied your customers are with your services and employees.

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online_booking.svgOnline Booking System
Appointment Booking for your customers 

With Shore Booking, customers can book your services online through your website, social media channels, and partner sites. Day and night.



Shore Booking allows customers to book appointments through your website anytime, anywhere. Your existing and potential clients can find you with ease. You'll get reduced call volume by taking appointments online, saving you precious time and freeing you to do more with your business.

Appointment Reminder

With Shore Booking, you can send automatic SMS or E-mail reminders to your customers. A small, but important gesture that goes a long way. You'll reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations, and as a result, increase revenue.


With Shore Booking, you'll experience an increase in the volume of bookings from existing and new customers. In addition, the Appointment Reminder feature reduces rate of cancellations, which translates to increased foot traffic and revenue.
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website.svgPersonal Website
                High-quality website

With Shore Web, your business is provided with a homepage that combines clean design, mobile optimization, and your unique content. Shore's customer service takes care of your website's creation, maintenance, and hosting at no expense to you.



We created over 2,200 websites and we can help build yours too. Templates are modified, optimised, and finalized by testing with customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With Shore Web, your website's navigation, page contents, elements, and its general structure will be calibrated to the algorithms of the top search engines.

Premium support

With Shore Web, you have a dedicated customer service associate to help address any of your questions or concerns. After finalizing your website's contents and getting a domain of your choice, Shore customer service will take the reigns and help create and maintain your website.
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Shore Cash

iPad-assisted cash system

With Shore Cash, you can access your company's financials and operational processes anywhere, anytime. Shore Cash is a simple, user-friendly cash management tool that complies with legal standards.



With Shore Cash payments, your daily balances and data maintenance can be performed quickly and easily. All payment methods are supported and the cash system works both online and offline.

Legal compliance

With Shore Cash, you meet all financial administrative legal standards. Security backups are performed on servers in the U.S. and user-rights can be assigned individually.

Classification numbers

With Shore Cash, you see how much money is coming in to help steer and control the success of your business. Shore CRM includes a feature that allows you to break down and analyse spending behavior per customer and use this data to launch tailored marketing campaigns.

app.svgMerchant App

Available on your customer's smartphone

With Shore App, you are ahead of times. Increase the proximity to your customers and offer them the best possible service. Images, appointment bookings, navigational data or free push notifications. We build a personalized app for you, entirely tailored to meet your needs.


A Strong brand

An individually programmed app will, even for smaller service providers, become more and more part of a business's image. Keep up with the times and stand out from your competitors easily and quickly. 

Variety of Functions

With Shore App, you can use multiple features such as appointment booking, free notifications, customer feedback, service offers, images, contact information or appointment reminders. 

Proximity to the Customer

With Shore App, you are very close to your customers. Nowadays the high popularity of smartphones involves an increase in interaction, online booking and, ultimately, revenue. By deciding to be available on those devices your customers use the most, you can benefit from these tendences, too. 

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