Customer Management 

Knowing your customers can be a very valuable asset to your current and future business. Log infomation and store data which can be used to increase customer satisfaction, thus loyality to your business. 

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Inputing Customer Data is a Huge Asset

Adding new customer information to your data bank couldn’t be easier. Simply done with one click. Once doing so, the information is automatically saved and available anytime, anywhere when using the Shore Customer Management Software.

When adding the information, keep in mind of personal preferences or wishes the customer may have. So when you’re looking back in the future to your customers you can immediately identify any special requirements they may have.


Build on Customer Relationships and Increase Loyalty

Let your customers know that you care about them by sending regular newsletters about your services. Knowing about special occasions, for example, Birthdays and Anniversaries can be big winners in terms of repeat sales and increased customer loyalty.

Remain in direct contact with your customers via SMS or EMAIL to give that added extra attention. Sending out special offers and incentives to entice your customers to use your service for a second, third and fourth time.    

Managing your Business Anywhere

When you’re a small business owner or manage a small business, it is always difficult decision to whether or not to take a vacation and leave the running of it to one of your Employees.

With Shore Customer Management being 100% online in the cloud you can now access all information regarding your customer appointments or employee’s calendars anywhere, anytime.

Time to leave the diary behind and start accessing all the important information via your smart phone or tablet.


It’s All in the Numbers

Keep up to speed with your customers and minimalize the room for error. Shore Customer Management illustrates all the data and statistics you need to know, to run your business successfully.

With a clear understand of your figures you can easily highlight the areas of improvement and thus adjust accordingly so your business can grow.   

Generate Staff Rosters in no time

Time to stop printing of weekly staff rosters and start creating new digital time sheets. With this new method of creating staff rosters, your employee’s can view all changes to their shifts online via Smartphone and tablet.

Within a few clicks you can allocate your employees, staff your shifts and keep track of them at all times. Organize, save and send your staff rosters anytime, from anywhere around the world.

Allow your staff to request holidays and absences through the system without you having to do any more additional planning allocating staff to cover shifts.


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