Let Shore create a customized app for you that includes an integrated online appointment booking feature

  • No complicated downloading
  • Push notifications
  • Boost your customer loyalty
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Want to offer your customers something really special, and stand out from the competition?

Shore can create a customized app for your business that includes an online booking feature and direct contact to your customers. Boost your customer loyalty and optimize your work day.

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Boost your customer loyalty

Having your own app gives you the opportunity to send your customers push notifications directly to their smartphones. It lets them know the latest with your business, or when you’ve got a time available for them to come in. And how about offering a digital bonus card that gets them visiting more often, and rewarding their patronage? The integrated chat feature even lets you talk directly to them.

"Having our own app and giving our patients the ability to book online gives us that one extra step in customer service that sets us apart from the others"

Dr. Rinn, Performance Spine & Sport Illinois

Dr. Rinn, Performance Spine & Sport Illinois

screen Integrated online appointment booking
Integrated online appointment booking

Make appointment scheduling simple

Upon request, your app even comes with an integrated booking function. All your customer has to do to schedule an appointment is open the app and tap the booking button - whenever and wherever they are. It's that easy.

The benefit for you? No more missed appointment requests. Guaranteed.

screen Integrated online appointment booking
Higher engagement rate

More than just a run-of-the-mill app

Our specialized app technology saves your customers the hassle of downloading your app from the App or Play Store. Our “mobile web app” can be opened like a regular website and saved to your smartphone with a single tap. All kinds of businesses have been able to increase the engagement rates of their apps by up to 150% with this innovative technology.

screen Higher engagement rate
screen All-in-one solution
All-in-one solution

Combine your app with an all-in-one solution at a great price

Shore delivers more than just a customized app. We also offer a digital all-in-one solution. Let Shore make your work day easier by digitally taking care of your customer management and employee scheduling. Our automatic appointment reminders cut down on those annoying missed appointments. And you’re going to like how our marketing functions get new customers coming to your business.

screen All-in-one solution

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