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Your app lets your customers book an appointment and find out the latest news and special offers at your business.

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What Shore delivers

Offer your customers a simple, effective way to book their next appointment directly in your app.

Build a strong customer base with Shore's digital customer loyalty card.

Shore's mobile web app is easy to download.

Your own individualized customer platform

Shore will create a great-looking app that takes care of everything your business needs. Let customers know your current selection, special offers, and the latest news. The chat feature lets you communicate with them directly. Build your base of return customers with additional features like the digital customer loyalty card.

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Integrated appointment scheduling in your app

The integrated appointment scheduling feature lets your customers book an appointment in seconds flat in your app. And Shore links this to your online calendar and our digital customer database. Booked appointments are automatically entered into your calendar, and new customers are automatically set up with a customer profile.

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Top-notch data privacy standards and SSL encryption protect your information from unauthorized access.

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Our servers and databases are ISO certified and housed in Germany.

Daily data backup

Daily backup of data and redundant storage at different sites.