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Optimize your customer management, cut annoying paperwork to a minimum and keep your customers coming back.

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What Shore delivers

Handle all your important customer data in one place, any time, no matter where you are.

Receive positive and constructive customer reviews.

Turn happy customers into repeat customers: Shore's customer management software will help have you ready and waiting for them the moment they walk through the door.

How your customers benefit

Shore's software provides helpful information about your customers to let you give them top-notch service.

Reward loyalty. Automatically send your best customers a special offer just for them, and a birthday wish every year.

Let your customers leave positive, constructive feedback.

Simple, at-a-glance customer management

Shore's customer management software gives you all the important information about your customers in one place. That saves you time and cuts down on paperwork. You can use and update the digital customer database on any device, at any time, no matter where you are. And Shore's SSL encryption ensures you'll be working with the highest level of data security.

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Optimal, personalized service

Centralized data and notes let you deliver the best customer care. Link your online calendar with each customer file to give them their very own personalized service with each visit. That keeps customers happy and coming back, and will have them leaving positive online reviews.

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Assemble customer information and history for optimized customer service

Shore's customer management software lets you generate customer histories. Check out how many times a customer has been to your business, and how much they've spent. You can also see e.g. if someone has ever been a no-show, helping you identify your best customers.

Send your newsletter and automatically generated birthday wishes

Shore's e-mail feature lets you send customers a discount coupon or reward them with a personalized offer. Send your newsletter to customer groups you specifically define, and wish your customers happy birthday every year. Shore lets you grow your base of repeat customers, and gets customers you haven't seen in a while coming back.

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