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Do you want to keep track of all customer information, contact details and notes?

Our software helps you improve the way you manage your customers.

Manage your customer base easily and efficiently

Manage your customers with a simple solution that can be flexibly adapted to the unique requirements of your business and automatically synchronizes all your data to the cloud. That means you can access all your customer information at any time, no matter whether you’re at your desk or out and about. A clear, up-to-date customer database is the basis for a successful business.

Customer Management

Increase transparency across your business

Do you know which of your services are most popular with your customers? Shore gives you constant insights into the most important figures relating to your business and allows you to monetize this information. Adjust your services according to customer demand and thus increase customer satisfaction. This will also help you improve your productivity and tap the potential for increased profits.

Individual Customer Profiles

Keep your most important customer information at hand

A unique, digital profile of each of your customers is stored in the system. These profiles include the most important master data such as address information, booking history and upcoming appointments. This gives you access to all business-relevant customer information whenever it is required in your everyday work, and also forms the basis for better customer service.

Create customer groups and notes

You can choose which information is included in each customer profile. You can also add notes, and upload images and documents into the customer management system. Finally, customers with similar preferences can be assigned to groups to create the basis for effective marketing activities.

Effective Marketing

Further benefits of Shore Run

The customer management feature is part of Shore Run. In addition, Shore offers you a wide range of other features that can help you reduce the time needed for administrative tasks and focus on what really matters: making your customers happy.

You are free to go

Thanks to the Shore App for iOS and Android, you can access Shore from any mobile device as well as from a computer. All your data is automatically synchronized. This gives you access to your entire business at any time, no matter where you are.

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You are free to go

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