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Digital customer management

Detailed customer profiles

Targeted marketing

Feedback management

Digital Customer Management

Effortless customer management

Shore’s customer management software stores everything you need to know about your customers in one, accessible place. It helps you give customer interactions a personal touch – without the added time or hassle. All relevant information is automatically collected in the booking process. And since our technology is cloud-based, you can easily view, add, or edit each entry on any device, wherever and whenever you wish.

"Shore's my mobile secretary. I've always got my appointment book and customer data right with me."

Anita Vamari, Makeup Artist

Anita Vamari, Makeup Artist

screen Detailed Customer Profiles
Detailed Customer Profiles

Get to know your customers

When a new customer makes an online booking, a unique profile is created in your Shore account and prefilled with all relevant contact details and other useful information. Each profile includes a record of all past and upcoming appointments, as well as any submitted feedback. You can add notes, upload images or documents, and adapt your database to your needs by creating your own, customized fields.

screen Detailed Customer Profiles
Targeted Marketing

Leverage customer data

Knowing your clients is not the only way to deliver better service. Shore also makes it easy to use your customer insights for effective, targeted marketing activities. Tag your customers into groups, and simply select the ones you want to address when creating newsletter campaigns, or let Shore’s birthday reminder help you make a lasting impression by showing people that you think of them on their special day.

screen Targeted Marketing
screen Feedback Management
Feedback Management

Collect customer feedback

Customer feedback is a great way to find out how your business is perceived. Shore lets you send out automated feedback requests, so your customers can rate and comment on your service - with no effort on your part. Publish positive reviews on your booking page to effectively promote your business, and leverage suggestions and constructive criticism to constantly improve your service.

screen Feedback Management

The Shore Basic Plan also includes:


Online Booking

24/7 online appointment booking, on your website and Facebook

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Online Calendar

Smart appointment scheduling, synced with our online booking solution

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Appointment Reminders

Effortlessly avoid no-shows with automated email or text reminders

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Reserve with Google

Add a booking button to your Google Maps or Google Search listing

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Instagram Booking

Get online bookings through your Instagram company profile

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Easily track your performance with key business metrics

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