Shore’s mobile iPad POS system for cafés and bars

Fast payment, simple inventory control and valuable reports.

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Less hassle, happy guests

Safe and simple. Offer your guests all common payment forms.

Do payment directly at your tables.

Get the most out of Shore’s great software and hardware combination.

Digital, Mobile, Flexible

Payment methods and receipts

Flexible payment for great service

Offer your guests all common payment forms, from cash to mobile payment. Print receipts or send them digitally.

  • Shore keeps you and your customers flexible when it comes to payment.

  • Shore lets you offer all common payment forms.

  • You decide which ones you’d like to offer.

  • Let customers pay right at their table with the iPad.

  • Print receipts or send them digitally, for example with a QR code.

  • All the hardware you need (cash drawers, card readers, receipt printers) is available in our online store.

  • Live reports let you analyze which payment forms your guests use the most.


Great software running on reliable hardware

Great hardware for a perfectly-running complete POS software solution.

  • Get Shore’s all-in-one package.

  • You’ll find all the hardware components you need in our online shop to run Shore’s POS payment software.

  • From card readers to receipt paper, we’ve got everything you need.

  • All products are a perfect fit to Shore’s software.

  • Top quality for a smooth-running business day.

  • Combine Shore’s hardware with its software for your café or bar to keep your business buzzing.

Digital inventory control

Track your success with less hassle

Simplify the administration of what you offer, never lose track of what you have in stock, and know what your top sellers are.

  • Shore saves you time and helps your business grow.

  • Enter food, beverages and everything else you offer into your inventory with just a few clicks.

  • Changing prices, product names, and inventory amounts is a breeze.

  • Using more than one device for inventory? The cloud keeps everything up to date, all the time.

  • Never run out: Shore’s inventory control lets you keep extra stock on hand and set automatic re-order dates.

  • Reports and statistics let you analyze what’s selling best, earning the most, and much more.

  • Let Shore take a ton of work off your hands. Use our analysis feature to keep your business growing.

Accounting and inventory

Keep track of your numbers and always know how your business is doing

Shore’s software lets you collect your numbers in one place. Never lose track of your inventory.

  • Shore gives your accounting and inventory control a boost.

  • Shore’s reporting feature lets you collect your key numbers and information centrally and at-a-glance.

  • Optimally prepare your earnings, expenses, cancellations and more for your accounting.

  • Inventory management has never been simpler: Shore's inventory control feature lets you export the amount your POS system says you have into an Excel file with one click, and compare it to the actual amount in your inventory. Once you've checked the two, you can import the updated file back into the system.

  • Our reliable, central data collection saves you all kinds of time and hassle with your accounting and inventory control.

Gift Cards

More new and repeat customers

Use our gift card feature to reward loyalty and bring in new customers.

  • Shore gift cards are created and sold in a snap.

  • Enter gift cards into your inventory like any other product.

  • You decide the amount.

  • Print gift cards with your receipt printer or send them digitally.

  • When a guest is ready to redeem their gift card, simply scan the bar code, and the amount will be deducted from their bill.

  • Gift cards are a great way to build your repeat customer base and bring in new customers.

Website and online store

Optimize your presence online

Create a professional-looking online presence and generate additional revenue with your online store.

  • Let Shore create your digital business card.

  • We’ll create a website just the way you want it to meet all of your business’ needs.

  • Great design, fast loading times, and optimal user-friendliness on all devices.

  • Make a splash with your guests and everyone who looks for you on Google.

  • A great-looking website gets you seen by new customers, and keeps your customer base up to date on the latest at your business.

  • Want to sell online? We’ll set you up with your own online store.

  • Shore delivers your business the perfect POS payment system, and a great-looking online presence for even more revenue.


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