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Make appointment scheduling simple

Whether it’s on your website or via Facebook, it’s a cinch for your customers to pick the appointment that works best for them and book it whenever they want. You’re giving them a great service that they’re going to like. With our online software, making an appointment has never been simpler!

booking 24/7

Offer online booking

With Shore, your customers can conveniently book their next appointment 24/7 via your website, choosing the desired service, preferred staff member and time slot. This way, they enjoy an easy and efficient service from the start.

More time for your customers

Online booking also benefits the customers in your business: Since you spend less time on the phone arranging appointments, you automatically have more time to focus on providing a great customer experience.

"Shore delivers that special something that my customers have come to expect from me. Ten at night and want to make an appointment? No problem at all."

Petra Ortcykrova, Medical Beauty

Petra Ortcykrova, Medical Beauty

Online <br>booking 24/7
Convenience And Clarity
Convenience And Clarity

All your appointments in one place

Your calendar and the customers’ booking view are automatically synchronized. This means that both you and your customers can always see when appointments are available and which staff members are free.

Collect and publish customer feedback

Customer reviews are a great way to improve your service and promote your business. Shore lets you set up an automated email to gather customer feedback, which you can then publish on your booking page with a single click.

Convenience And Clarity
Minimize Your No-shows Without Effort

Fewer no-shows with reminders

Shore lets you set up and send out fully automated appointment reminders via email or SMS. Besides reducing no-shows by up to 50% effectively and with no effort on your part, this is a great service your customers are going to love.

Benefit from online payment

Do you often lose time and money due to cancelations and no-shows? With Shore you can charge a reservation fee or have your customers pay online in advance. This provides you with an effective means to hedge yourself against no-shows and, consequently, lost income.

Minimize Your No-shows <br>Without Effort

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