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Integrate your online appointment booking into your website, and Instagram, Google, and Facebook accounts.

Automatic email and text message reminders get your no-shows to a minimum.

Make customer administration easy with one reliable software solution.

Shore gets your business buzzing, and lets you stay focused on the things that matter

Online appointment scheduling

Bookings are quick and easy, and handling them is a breeze

Let your customers book their appointments online, and cut your administrative chores to a minimum.

  • Integrate Shore’s booking feature into your website, and your Instagram, Google and Facebook accounts.

  • Your customers see all available appointments at a glance.

  • Booked appointments are automatically saved to your Shore calendar.

  • Select a weekly, daily, or three-day calendar display to keep continual track of your appointments.

  • Shore’s statistics and reporting features let you keep continual track of what channel your customers are using the most to book their appointments, the sales they’re bringing in, how many times they've been a no-show, and much more.

Automatic appointment

Reminders help get no-shows to a minimum

Send automatic appointment reminders to your customers and reduce annoying no-shows.

  • Send appointment reminders via email or text message.

  • You decide when to send them and what they say.

  • Shore’s statistics and reporting features show you how well your reminders are cutting down on no-shows.

Digital customer management

Safe, secure data collection and use

Shore’s customer database lets you gather important customer data and helpful additional information.

  • A new customer profile is automatically created every time a new customer books their first appointment.

  • Add other useful customer information in addition to their address and phone number.

  • The customer history lets you see a customer's favorite service, how much revenue they’ve generated, if they’ve ever missed an appointment, and much more.

  • Get customer reviews with Shore’s feedback feature to make your service even better.

  • Kick off your successful marketing campaign with Shore’s email marketing.

Shore’s professional email marketing

Campaigns keep customers happy and coming back

Send newsletters to specific groups for a growing customer base.

  • Create great-looking professional emails in just a few clicks with Shore’s helpful design templates.

  • Personally address your customers by their name.

  • The link to your customer database lets you send emails to specific, pre-defined customer groups.

  • Shore’s reporting feature shows you how well your email campaign is doing, allowing you to optimize it even further.

A professional-looking website

For optimized customer acquisition

Get a great-looking, high-performing website for your business, and achieve a head-turning online presence that will bring in new customers.

  • Get a unique, one-of-a-kind website for your business.

  • Shore delivers a design that’s a perfect fit for your business. Your website is technically optimized, user-friendly and has fast loading times. Use it on any device.

  • Shore’s website will help get you to the top of all search engine rankings.

  • Online appointment booking is fully integrated into your website.


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