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Let your customers book an online appointment quickly and easily.

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Simple customer administration with one easy-to-use management software.

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"NEW HAIR is one-of-a-kind, authentic, and professional. Sure we looked at other software packages. But with Shore, we had the sense that our hearts were beating as one."


Get your salon fully digitized with one software

Appointment booking and administration

24/7, no matter where you are

Let your customers book their next appointment at your salon online.

  • Shore makes appointment administration a breeze

  • Our online appointment booking lets your customers book their appointments directly on your website, Instagram, Google or Facebook.

  • Your customers see every available appointment slot at a glance.

  • Each appointment is automatically entered into your Shore calendar.

  • Shore's statistics and reporting features let you see what channel your customers use to book their appointments. They're great tools for tracking your business success.

  • Less running to the phone, and great service for your customers. You're going to love how Shore saves you all kinds of time, and brings in happy, repeat customers.

Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows, and fill up your appointment schedule

Automatically send appointment reminders via email or text message to help keep business booming.

  • Shore helps you reduce annoying, expensive no-shows.

  • Remind customers via email or text message about their upcoming appointment.

  • You define the day and time of their reminder, and what the message says.

  • Automatic appointment reminders keep your salon busy, with more sales and happy customers.

Digital customer management

Get the most out of your customers' information

Make customer management easy. Use customers' information to offer them top-notch service.

  • Shore's at-a-glance digital customer management is simple to use.

  • A new customer profile is automatically generated for every new customer that books an appointment online.

  • This profile contains all their important information like their favorite products, color tones they've selected in the past, etc.

  • Use this information to give your customers a warm welcome and great salon experience, every single visit.

  • Shore's email marketing lets you use customer information for your next marketing campaign.

  • The customer history shows you each customer's favorite service, and how much they've purchased during their past visits.

  • Shore's feedback feature helps you make your service even better.

  • Shore lets you receive feedback and ratings to make your service even better.

  • Digital customer management gives you happy customers as you offer them top service. You're going to like how Shore delivers a precise analysis of your success.

Employee management

Create shift plans, and stay on top of your business

Shore makes digital at-a-glance shift plans easy. Let your customers directly book the stylist they'd like for their next appointment.

  • Shore lets you get the most out of your shift plan and employee management.

  • Digitally create your shift plan in just a few clicks.

  • Entering missed work for vacation and sick days is a cinch.

  • Link your shift planner to your online appointment booking.

  • Your customers can book the stylist they'd like to have for their next appointment.

  • Set employee profiles to determine which functions employees can access, and which ones they can't.

  • Shore's reporting feature lets you track and analyze the performance of each staff member.

  • Shore's employee management gives you a better overview of your business and reliable shift planning. Track how well your employees are performing.

POS payment system

Simple payment, reliable documentation

Make payment simple. Save and store your payment information in full compliance with all financial laws and regulations.

  • Shore's POS delivers a reliable, secure payment solution.

  • It lets you offer your customers every common payment method.

  • Payment is a breeze, and can be done anywhere you'd like on your iPad.

  • All payments are registered in full compliance with all financial laws and regulations.

  • Belege kannst du entweder ausdrucken oder digital versenden.

  • Direct DATEV interface for your accounting.

  • Shore's digital inventory control lets you manage your product inventories and keep a careful eye on what you have in stock.

  • Shore's POS is linked to your appointment and customer administration. Allow payments directly through the calendar without having to enter the appointment into the POS system

  • Let your customers purchase gift cards. You can print them out directly on your receipt printer.

  • Shore's POS makes payment a breeze, reliably saves all of your important figures, and offers your customers gift cards for your salon.

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