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Shore delivers a great POS system for your business…and much more

Choose which payment methods you’d like to offer your customers.

Benefit from Shore’s reliable, state-of-the-art hardware.

Make inventory control a breeze.

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Payment methods

Flexible payment, on-the-spot receipts

Offer your customers different forms of payment. Print receipts, or send them digitally.

  • Shore delivers mobile, flexible payment.

  • Shore’s POS system supports all common payment methods.

  • You decide which payment methods you’d like to offer.

  • Print receipts on your receipt printer, or send them to your customers digitally (e.g. as a QR code).

  • Shore’s reporting feature lets you know which payment methods your customers prefer the most.

  • Whether it’s a receipt printer, card reader, etc., Shore has the POS hardware your business needs.

  • Shore’s POS system simplifies your payment processes and delivers outstanding service to your customers.

Shore hardware

Top quality, great design

Run your Shore software on our hardware for smooth-running payment.

  • Shore hardware puts the right payment tools in your hands.

  • Shore gives you the POS hardware products your business needs, delivering everything from cash drawers to barcode scanners.

  • Top-of-the-line quality and design.

  • Visit Shore’s online hardware shop to find out more.

  • Reliable payment processes for your business with the combination of Shore’s software and hardware.

Inventory control

At-a-glance, simple inventory administration

Digitally organize your product catalog and inventory for an easy overview of what you’ve got in stock.

  • Enter your products into your system quickly and easily. Managing them is a breeze with Shore.

  • Products are entered into your POS system with just a few clicks.

  • Changing prices or product images is a cinch.

  • Never run out: Shore’s POS system lets you keep extra stock on hand, and set dates for automatic re-orders.

  • Shore’s software is easy and intuitive.

  • Shore’s reporting feature shows you which products are the most popular, and which ones are generating the most revenue.

  • Shore’s inventory control makes inventory management simple, and lets you see how well your business is performing.

Accounting and inventory

Keep track of your numbers and simplify your business day

Shore lets you prep your business numbers for your accounting, and makes inventory a breeze.

  • Shore lets you reliably keep track of your key business figures.

  • Shore’s statistics and reports let you see what your best-selling products are, what payment methods your customers prefer the most, revenues, and more.

  • Shore lets you gather all numbers regarding sales, payments, returns, cancellations and more for smooth-running accounting.

  • Direct DATEV interface.

  • Update your inventory in one fell swoop: Export the amount your POS system says you have into an Excel file, and compare it to the actual amount in your inventory. Once you've checked the two, you can import the updated file back into the system.

  • Shore’s software saves you all kinds of time with your accounting. You’re also going to love its great inventory features.

Gift cards

Reward your customers, bring in new faces

Sell or give away gift cards for a growing customer base and new customers.

  • Gift cards with Shore: A great offer from your business.

  • Gift cards are entered into your POS system as products you can sell.

  • You choose the amount.

  • Print them on your receipt printer.

  • Any time your customers want to redeem their gift card, simply scan its barcode, and your POS system will deduct it from their bill.

  • A great gift for any occasion, and a fantastic way to bring in new customers.

  • Reward your existing customers and build your customer base.

  • Shore gift cards: A valuable, effective marketing instrument.

Online appointment booking

Fast and easy booking, simple administration

Let your customers book an appointment online. It’s quick and easy, and gets your administrative chores down to a minimum.

  • Shore makes your appointment administration a breeze.

  • Integrate your online appointment booking into your website, into your Instagram and Facebook accounts, or directly into your customers’ Google searches.

  • Your customers see all available appointments at-a-glance.

  • Booked appointments are automatically entered into your Shore calendar.

  • Whenever a new customer makes an online appointment, Shore’s customer database automatically generates a new customer profile.

  • Reduce no-shows: Send automated appointment reminders to your customers.

  • Shore’s statistics and reporting features let you see which platforms you’re being booked on the most, and on what days and at what times customers are making their appointments.

  • Shore delivers great appointment administration, lets you track the success of your business, and keeps customers coming in.

Email marketing

Professional newsletters for increased customer loyalty

Create great email campaigns and newsletter marketing to boost customer loyalty.

  • Shore expands your marketing horizon.

  • Email campaigns are set in motion quickly and easily.

  • Use Shore’s practical design templates to generate professional-looking emails in just a few clicks.

  • Shore’s name feature lets address your customers by their names.

  • The interface to Shore’s customer database lets you send newsletters to specific customer groups you would like to reach.

  • Send automated emails to customers to e.g. wish them a happy birthday.

  • Shore’s reporting feature lets you analyze the success of your marketing campaign and continually optimize it.

  • Forget spam. Shore delivers effective email marketing to effectively create long-term customers.


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