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Shore delivers a great POS system for your business…and much more

Choose which payment methods you’d like to offer your customers.

Benefit from Shore’s reliable, state-of-the-art hardware.

Make inventory control a breeze.

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Payment methods

Flexible payment, on-the-spot receipts

Offer your customers different forms of payment. Print receipts, or send them digitally.

Shore hardware

Top quality, great design

Run your Shore software on our hardware for smooth-running payment.

Inventory control

At-a-glance, simple inventory administration

Digitally organize your product catalog and inventory for an easy overview of what you’ve got in stock.

Accounting and inventory

Keep track of your numbers and simplify your business day

Shore lets you prep your business numbers for your accounting, and makes inventory a breeze.

Gift cards

Reward your customers, bring in new faces

Sell or give away gift cards for a growing customer base and new customers.

Online appointment booking

Fast and easy booking, simple administration

Let your customers book an appointment online. It’s quick and easy, and gets your administrative chores down to a minimum.

Email marketing

Professional newsletters for increased customer loyalty

Create great email campaigns and newsletter marketing to boost customer loyalty.



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ISO certified servers

Our servers and databases are ISO certified and housed in Germany.

Daily data backup

Daily backup of data and redundant storage at different sites.