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Shore's POS is a mobile payment solution that makes your accounting and inventory control a breeze.

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Shore's features and packages

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Our Shore POS+ package

Payment methods and receipts

Shore's POS gives your customers a full payment selection. Print receipts or send them digitally.

  • Your customers can pay with cash, debit, credit card, or with their smartphone.

  • You decide which payment methods you'd like to offer.

  • Print receipts, send them via email, or offer them as a QR code.

  • Find the right hardware for your business in our online store.


Shore's digital cash book makes your accounting simple. Settling payments for the day is a breeze, and our direct DATEV integration lets you easily export data.

  • Do all of your payments, cancellations and exchanges digitally.

  • Make your accounting and payment settling at the end of the day simple.

  • Save valuable time with our direct DATEV interface.

  • Shore's reporting means you'll never lose track of payment, sales, and profits (included in the Shore Plus package)

Inventory management

Enter new products into your inventory with just a few clicks. Managing inventory and prices is quick and easy.

  • Entering new products is a breeze.

  • Change prices and inventory amounts with just a few clicks.

  • Place your products into categories for a better overview.

  • Never run out of stock: Keep extra inventory on hand, and set order dates to optimize your business operations.

  • Shore's reporting feature lets you know which of your products are selling best (included in the Shore Plus package).

Inventory control

Shore's inventory feature lets you export the amount your POS system says you have, and compare it to the actual amount in your inventory. Once you've checked the two, you can import the updated file back into the system.

  • Export your POS amounts from Shore's system with just two clicks.

  • Enter the actual inventory amounts into your Excel file.

  • Upload the list back into the Shore POS system, and your product inventory will be automatically updated.

Selling gift cards to your customers is easy

You can enter gift cards into your Shore POS system like any of your products. You decide the amount, and can print the gift card quickly and easily on your receipt printer

  • Enter gift cards and their amount into your inventory.

  • Sell gift cards directly through your Shore POS system.

  • Print the gift card for your customers directly on your receipt printer.

  • Shore's reporting feature lets you know the most popular gift card amounts you sell.

Customer Display

Mirror your checkout processes, inform your customers about special promotions and invite them to rate you on Google, for example.

  • Set up your customer display in just a few steps.

  • Simply download the app from the Appstore and mirror all your checkout processes.

  • Customise the display to your needs - whether images, videos, text or QR codes to your Google profile or social media channels.


You can determine a tip in the Shore cash register with every payment process. You'll be in compliance with current tax regulations.

  • Determine a tip in a flash at every checkout and easily comply with tax regulations.

  • No need to manually calculate your tip

  • Take tips even when paying by card

  • View various reports on tipping


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