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Can you access your customer data, anywhere, anytime?

With Shore Cloud solutions this is possible. You have the opportunity to access all your data even on the go.

Are you keeping a record of all your past and future customers?

Use Shore to manage your sales process, track customer interactions, store information and strengthen relations with the customer.

Are you balancing your new customer phone calls?

Free up your time by allowing the customer management software to manage your customer interactions more efficiently.

(4.8 / 5)

"Shore has brought us to the next level. The customer management software has transformed how we store our customer information, we store their preferences easily so there is no need to ask twice when they visit again."

Sabrina Jennings, Small business owner since 2014

Here's what customers say about our
customer management system

Customer Relationship Management Benefits

"Since using the customer management software we are able to add all the relevant information that will make the customers experience more pleasurable. We store all contact information possible, such as: Name, Email, Phone Number, Address.

But also more unique characteristics for our hair salon, such as: hair styles, hair colour, preferred hair dresser or if they like a hot or cold drink before or during their visit. All this data we can use to accommodate to their special requests and overall satisfaction.”

Sabrina Jennings

Customer Relationship Management as a basis for Marketing

"I use Shore as a customer management software, but it actually makes marketing easier, too. Seriously. As a small business owner, I didn't think I would ever have time to manage a marketing process on top of running a business. However, as all the customer data is stored in one system, it is easy to set up an automated Email and SMS messaging, to promote special offers or seasonal discounts.

Ultimately, I am receiving very positive customer feedback because of my attention to detail, such as, Birthdays and Anniversaries. That extra personal touch goes a long way!"

Sabrina Jennings

Customer Communication Management

"I am always on the go. Non-stop. I rarely have time to sit down at the end of the day and enjoy some alone time. Therefore, I needed a solution to manage my communications more effectively with my customers.

This is the best attribute about Shore. As all my work processes are managed on the cloud I am able to focus more on social media, sharing pictures or illustrating my work to a broader audience. I feel I am able to communicate with my customers on a personal level, thus strengthening our relationship. Now I can finally sit down and relax!"

Sabrina Jennings

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Stay in the loop anytime, anywhere. Shore's All-in-one customer management software moves with you. Check the running of your business and staff while on vacation with a few simple clicks. Paper diaries and lost information is a thing of the past. Time to evolve to make a difference and grow!

At Shore, we aim to help to digitalize small to mid-size businesses get off the ground with an innovative new customer management solution. With a great price combined with an easy-to-use software, you will never look back! The simple and quick set up lets you get started right away. Time to be a step ahead of your competition.

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Online booking: Save time and give the customer the opportunity to book an appointment online 24/7.

Calendar: Easy and simple overview, no paper based calendars anymore!

Customer first: Manage customers both in and out of the workplace. Group customers together for better targeting to increase interaction.

Newsletter: Strengthen customer relationships and keep them constantly in the loop, by sending personalized special offers or Emails.

SMS reminder: Reduce the number of no shows, by sending out a series of SMS reminders.

Social Media: Communicate with your customers on a personal level via channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

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Increase the success of your marketing efforts with personalized newsletters, offers and discounts sent to your preferred customers.

Automated Reminders

Benefit from automatic SMS or email reminders to reduce the number of noshows and cancellations. Which will leave more money in your pocket.

Online Appointment Booking

Free up your time, by enabling your customers to book appointments online 24/7 – via website, app or social media.

Feedback Function

Improve your business by inviting customers to provide feedback. Timely automatic emails after each appointment help you better understand how satisfied your customers are.

Personal Website

Get ready for a modern, mobile ready website that is unique to your brand. Don't worry about hosting and maintenance, we'll take care of it.

Merchant App

Stand out from your competitors with your personalized app; available for iOS and Android.