Would you like to keep track of all your appointments? Would you also like to minimize the number of no-shows and use your working time as efficiently as possible? The Shore online calendar lets you do just that!

Efficiently manage your appointment calendar

Say goodbye to paperwork and manage your customer appointments quickly and easily using the Shore online calendar. The intuitive process of creating and changing appointments allows you to speed up your appointment management and to be on top of everything at all times.

If you indicate the duration of each service offered, the system will automatically take it into account when appointments are booked. This allows you to prevent overlapping appointments, avoid unnecessary downtimes and get your business working to capacity.

Stay on top of all your appointments via your PC, tablet or smartphone

Keep tabs on your business appointments at all times. All appointments are synchronized automatically and are always available in your personal agenda. This means you can check which customers have appointments, what they’re coming in for and when they will arrive – all on your way to work.

Thanks to various display options – day, three-day, week and agenda view – you’ll always have the perfect overview of your appointments.

Always be perfectly prepared for the next appointment

Would you like to provide your customers with more tailored services? The Shore calendar immediately displays all relevant appointment details. This includes the service booked, the employee responsible or even a photo of the next customer. This helps you recognize your customers immediately so you can welcome them personally when they arrive.

Do you want to reduce the number of cancelations and no-shows you get? Our automatic reminder service ensures that your customers don’t forget their appointments by sending them a text message or an e-mail. At the end of the day, fewer no-shows equals fewer losses.


Would you like to benefit from additional potential offered by digital solutions? Shore offers a wide range of extra features that can help you work more efficiently and more successfully so you can focus on what really matters – making your customers happy.


With the Shore Business App for iOS and Android

you can access Shore from any mobile device as well as from a computer. All your data is automatically synchronized. This gives you access to your entire business at any time, no matter where you are.

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